Senator Tells PMG West Virginia Can’t Afford Any More Cuts To Postal Services

Washington, D.C. – Senator Jay Rockefeller today met with Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the United States Postal Service, Patrick R. Donahoe, to discuss a substantial number of consolidations and post office closings that have occurred in West Virginia.

“I had a productive meeting with the Postmaster General today and told him that the state of West Virginia can’t afford any more cuts to services. I told him that if consolidations are proposed, employees must be treated fairly and that communities must continue to have access to postal services, which in many small towns are a lifeline. Postal Service employees in West Virginia have shown themselves to be highly efficient, and should be considered a valuable resource to help the Postal Service through its financial difficulties.  There is no question that we need to take a deeply thorough look at our current budget and focus on reducing costs and decreasing the deficit, but we must do everything possible to make sure that the people of West Virginia continue to have access to this vital service.”

2 thoughts on “Senator Tells PMG West Virginia Can’t Afford Any More Cuts To Postal Services

  1. They started taking apart the sorting and cancelling machines in Beckley, WV. People are both sad and upset. Employees are being involuntary reassigned over 60 miles away. The Postal Service has lied to their employees and to the American Public. No money is being saved. When elected officials ask for information they are just ignored.

  2. Unfortunately the PMG doesn’t really care about the people of West Virginia or the financial status of the USPS. I work in the USPS and have been trying to tell anyone who will listen(which is no-one) how to save some money. But unfortunately all he cares about is the BONUS he will take with him when he leaves. Maybe some day they will take the advice of the workers and try to start making a difference.

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