APWU Bargaining Committee to Meet-But There is No Tentative Agreement

APWU President Cliff Guffey has called the Rank-and-File Bargaining Advisory Committee to Washington, DC for a briefing on contract negotiations, but he said a tentative agreement has not been reached. The panel will meet on March 2 with members of the union’s negotiating team.

“We have been meeting with the Postal Service regularly,” Guffey said, “and although progress has been slow, we feel it is important to update the committee on our discussions.

“I know that all our members want to hear details about negotiations,” he said. “Unfortunately, it is not appropriate to disclose the specifics while talks are continuing.

“I ask union members for their continued patience and support as the process unfolds,” Guffey added. “We are determined to negotiate an agreement that benefits union members and that will strengthen the Postal Service for long run.”

The union’s negotiating team is composed of President Guffey, Executive Vice President Greg Bell, Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris, Clerk Craft Director Rob Strunk, Maintenance Craft Director Steve Raymer, Motor Vehicle Craft Director Bob Pritchard, and Support Services Craft Director Bill Manley.

The members of the Rank-and-File Bargaining Committee are: Clarise Torrence, president, New York Metro Area Local; Koquise Nolan, president, Oklahoma City Area Local; Gwen Ivey, president, Philadelphia Area Local; Bob Dempsey, president, Boston Metro Area Local; Larry Miller, president, 480-481 Area Local; Mike McDonald, MVS director, Massachusetts Postal Workers Union; Debra McDaniel, Mail Equipment Shop Local; MacLawrence Ford, president, Indianapolis Area Local; Chuck Pugar, president, Pittsburgh Metro Area Local; Robert Johnson, president, Greater Connecticut Area Local; Carolyn Pierce, president, Broward County Area Local; John Driver, president, Greater Los Angeles Area Local; Marcie Ryan, Eastern Region Spokesperson, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Task Force.

Each member of the union’s National Executive Board names one person to the committee; a 14th member, appointed by the president, is a representative from the APWU Deaf/Hard of Hearing Task Force. In accordance with the APWU Constitution and Bylaws, any tentative agreement between the union and management must be approved by a majority of the committee before it can be submitted to members for a ratification vote.

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement was scheduled to expire Nov. 20, 2010, but the union and management agreed to extend bargaining. The contract will remain in effect until a new agreement is reached through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.

14 thoughts on “APWU Bargaining Committee to Meet-But There is No Tentative Agreement

  1. take pictures of those managers who walk around with coffee, play solitaire on USPS computer, talk to their friends on work room floor for about an hour, standing against the BB watching us work…and mail those pictures to PMG Donahoe…and tell him that this is how USPS is losing money.

  2. Wisconsin, Tea Party, Conservative White People,…. words that escape your mentality. Wake up people, those GAS prices are real! And so are the issues surrounding the words that you fail to pay attention to. WE are so fortunate to Have a job where you can complain about the overtime and have it addresed. If those conservative white people GET their way we WON”T HAVE a UNION to kick around and talk bad about. Then who will you go to to when MGMT bypasses you and calls in someone junior for rest day Overtime? Try imagining THAT!

  3. I just feel fortunate right now we have a decent contract, lets count our blessings while we’re still doing well., even though these negotiations are dragging out and we all feel its not to our benefit, let us be grateful it didnt settle sooner, we would have already been feeling the “pinch!” Now thats a condition I certainly could stand to delay. yeah, the anticipation is creeping in, but like they say, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  4. Guys,guys,guys.Don’t you all get it?Don’t you see that you APWU members R being played 4 fools.If you want the truth,it’s all around you at your work site.The poison is all there.It’s comin’ from all levels.the USPS is almost 7B’s in debt.That’s not your fault.Remember:The PO is only a third of your life in a 40-huor week.As long as U R not”making crazy decisions”,don’t worry……be happy.

  5. The longer the APWU allows the USPS to drag out negotiations the less like likey I will vote for the Contract.

    Because, it will not be in no postal employees’ favor right now..even if you retire or continuous full time employees..it sound like a the union offical of doing a buyout themselves…GUY’S WE ARE F,,,,,KED..

  7. Great concept, having a Rank and File Advisory Committee. More communication is better communication. Perhaps the other postal unioms will see the light and allow their members more first line opportunity.
    I have always read of the union concept that the union should be run from the “bottom up” NOT ” the top down” . This is a principle of democracy that has been lost both in the labor unions and government at all levels. We have given up democracy by lack of participation and democracy has become an paid arm of corporations that have no patriotic loyalties to anything other than money.

    Folks, if you want to get your country back than you have to act like it IS your country and be more involved in how it is run. With the internet you can easily get the address, phine numbers, and web site of your neighborhood council representatives and find out what they have voted on and why?

    There is nothing that makes an elected more nervous and responsive as when they know THEIR constituents are paying attention

    We all need to pay attention.

  8. This is ridicolous.The management of post office want us to settle for more nonsense.Get rid of some management.They don’t do nothing but walk around with radio in their hand.Cell phone on their ear.But there is no cell phone use policy on workroom floor.If plant manager want to get in touch with them.That’s why post office has landline phones give me a break.Stop making excuses then punishing everyone else for same action.That’s why I can’t stand them.Just crazy for no reason.

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