Sources: Suspect confesses in Henning post office murders

Sources said after Chastain Montgomery, Sr. was arrested, he confessed that he committed the post office murders in Henning, Tennessee. Word of the confession spread quickly in Henning on Wednesday.

Paula Robinson and Judy Spray, both workers at the post office in Henning, were found shot to death inside the post office last October.


7 thoughts on “Sources: Suspect confesses in Henning post office murders

  1. Long live the south! God bless the Confederate patriots. Yankees can keep their leader as the ne gro is not the leader of most of the US.

  2. I live in the south and Northbay you are so right and so many get out of jail after 30 yrs when the DNA exonerates them.

  3. Rest in Peace Paula Robinson and Judy Spray. I just worry about people who confess to a crime in the south. Too many innocent people are coerced into confessing for something they haven’t done. With that said I hope they’ve got the right guy.

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