Video: Postal Credit Cards Used For Adult Stuff

What do you think the following things have in common? Pricey hotel rooms, private airline tickets, and adult entertainment.

No, we’re not talking about a weekend trip to Vegas.

Believe it or not, they’re all expenses racked-up on U.S. Postal Service credit cards.

First, we caught postal workers boozing on the job and a wide-ranging probe is underway in Philadelphia.

Then we told you about postal stations shutting down across the country to save money.

Now, a new report slams the troubled and cash strapped agency for the way some employees have used postal service credit cards.

Postal Credit Cards Used For Adult Stuff:

5 thoughts on “Video: Postal Credit Cards Used For Adult Stuff

  1. I think this news channel have personal grudge against USPS. On the bottom of the screen says “it’s your dime”…well, USPS doesn’t get any tax money…so it’s USPS’ dime! USPS DO NOT GET TAX DOLLARS!!!

  2. It’s like all the Fox Cartoon News morons. It’s now war on public employees. We’ve replaced the war on Mexicans.

  3. This reporter has a real problem with the postal service. He must not like his carrier or failed his test to get in when he was young. Think hes going to go under cover to catch management sitting on the arsses all day and doing nothing? I dont think so! Theres the real waste.

  4. Notice how they slander the rank and file by lumping all of us into this scandal. They never mentioned how many were in management or for that matter how many credit cards are issued to non-management employees. That would be too much investigational work a Fox news reporter, or a truer perspective of the facts wouldn’t outrage the mindless sheep that watch Fox as much.

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