APWU Contract Negotiations Update

Here is some information  about APWU Contract Negotiations that I neglected to post on February 9, 2011. This information is from the Oakland (Calif.) Postal Worker newsletter.

“According to Western Region Coordinator Omar Gonzalez, the MVS and Maintenance crafts, to all intents and purposes, have completed negotiations. However, the Clerk craft continues to struggle with craft issues that include a process to eliminate 204Bs. Details and information on “Main Table” agreements will likely be released by the chief negotiators during the National Executive Council meeting in Washington DC on February 21-23, 2011.”

28 thoughts on “APWU Contract Negotiations Update

  1. All that I am reading is so accurate. I have been employed at the USPS for the past 34 years and I have experienced first hand the abuses from incompetent postmasters, plant managers, supervisors and 204-B’s. I refrain from giving advice to employees attacked by these vermin but I do not recommend the take it attitude. I have fought adverse actions by management for the past twenty years and it has been a battle. That is why you see all the kiss asses and wannabees running around the P.O. I have not buckled under to the evil that management has created. I hope in the future those of you who are still working can come together as one voice and support the employees, and that management is stopped in their tracks with all the unaccountable actions that are now allowed. Most of these actions are criminal at most and unethical in the least. The disci-plinary procedures alone have been corrupted by management. So continue the fight and stick together because the next snake in the grass could be working along side of you.

  2. The only thing 204bs are doing is taking a clerk,s position. at least in my office, this guy is ptf carrier doing clerk duties allday every day but it wa s worst in my old office where all supervisors :office manager,clerk supervisor,and carrier supervisor were performing clerical work an average of 12hrs a day between the three of them every day . I got excessed out because we had too many clerks Am I throwing my union dues money away?

  3. Who is getting thier way?

    The clerk craft is short handed and the mailhandlers jobs are starting to dissapear.
    If all the clerks were to return to the assigned bid job the union would not lose member and post office would make the mailhandlers 204b’s and not have to move mailhandlers to other cities.
    So the clerks craft gets their way making the union stronger and richer.
    The post office gets it s way by paying less for the mailhandlers doing what the clerks did as a 204b.
    The mailhandlers get there way when they don’t have to move.

    Who is getting the Colonoscopy ?

    If you are a clerk looking to get your high three.
    Forget about it .


    Regaurdless what you think about the 204b program. Ask any manager who is making 70,80,90 thousand a year how they got their. Please no sex jokes.

  4. can’t we start a real national revolution [employees and custmers] to stop the dismantling of our postal SERVICE ? after all, we’re the last of he mohicans

  5. @ my 2 cents; there are some supervisors who were also in the craft and have the sames qualities that you speak of…..they are not all the same—my office has decent supervisors and 204b’s that have an arrogance beyond understanding.

  6. I’m not a 204 b, don’t want to be one, most of the 204 b’s are better supervisors than regular supervisors for a couple of reasons: 1) They are close enough to craft workers that they know what works and what doesn’t to get the job done. 2) They know from being in craft how to and how not to treat their people. They get better results from their people because they are more respected and liked. 3) They are less AROGANT than regular supervisors. For some strange reason the workforce seems to respond better to this format. Should get rid of all regular supervisors and keep the 204 b’s, production would improve and everyone would be happier.

  7. WHAT ELIMINATE 204b’s. Who’s gonna make sure the computer systems are running at an optimal performance level by playing solitare all day.

  8. First off I didn’t know there was a difference between 204bs & acting
    204bs… Plus if they get rid of 204bs ,how will they hide the terrible
    workers elsewhere…. Also if no 204bs ,there will be garage sales for
    lowcut blouses , black thongs , kneepads ,terrible ties & belly over the
    buckle pants….

  9. They cut staffing in our faculity, then take 204b’s from their bid jobs and force the rest of the people in the unit to work all the harder to get the mail out while they deny any requests for advance leave quoting “needs of the service!” we watch their time up though! there is nothing I hate more than a worker trying to work both sides of the fence!

  10. Well, look at this way, I think all supervisors should reduce to 204B level for two full years with 204B pay level. It will save Post Office ton of money. While the real 204B or acting 204B continue what they do best….filling 3971 paperwork for those employees who wants to go home early and to teach all craft employees the proper way to get Family Leave.

  11. average increase for mismgt in 2010 was 5%….what is this stupid union doing? go to the arb and show him/her the PFP numbers….how hard is that puffy guffy!

    high school educated idiots trying to act like Matlock in contract negoiations…go hire a Washington, DC labor law firm to do the heavy lifting.

    duh! what a bunch of morons!

  12. in our office we have 5 ptfs all of them are on light duty or limited duty on of them who is a lead clerk gets paid higher level he can not do anything his back hurts him he has only been there for 3 years already he has accomplished to train all the other p t f s to be injured employees who cannot do anything but box mail and do nixie. but again it is the postmaster fault because she allows it and the lead clerk is her golden boy. so they make the regular employees stay on over time to spread the mail. 2 hrs a day. know that is abuse of postal funds and hours.

  13. I agree that some clerks and mailhandlers; especially PTF’S only do it to make sure that they can get forty hours per week. And, some are not that good at all…it motion in the ocean attitude. Now, their are others some clerks and mailhandlers 204b’s are much better at supervising; than the supervisors themselves. Believe me its does look pretty bad for some junior supervisors.. I think, if an clerk or mailhandler would like to be an 204b; let them prove themselves; as an supervisor, that they can do it and do it just as good; or even better. Some have degrees and private sector experience when they came into USPS…and other do not have none in or out of the system. HATE TO SAY IT…but the 204b’s are keeping quite a few facilities and stations running and stable at this time. I am sure there are many other problems senior clerks needs to air; because some of the lazy behindS for some over twenty or thirty YEARS DID NOT attempt to learn more regarding there work.. DO NOT HATE MY FELLOW WORKERS-CLERKS CRAFT you need to stop it now… just the problem with issues regarding casual clerks do not key, do not train..get a TRUE GRIT of automation and the future of the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE TRANSFORMATION..THANK YOU..RETIRE…AND GOODBYE..

  14. In my office there is a woman who failed the window test and was fired, She was then rehired as a mailhandler. She found that this work was to physically demanding. This woman is now a 204B!!! This is par for the course in the USPS. Most of the 204B’s are failed clerks, mailhandlers or carriers and the Postal Service chooses its future supervisors from this group. Is it any wonder the Postal Service is on the brink of failure?

  15. It doesn’t matter what craft the 204B comes from they all were the biggest slugs in their crafts that now becomes a boss wannabe and wants people to respect them and work hard for them–get a grip–a boss is supposed to lead by example-how can you follow someone that never did a days of honest work which now is probably even more dishonest with a temporary red badge. It’s pathetic !!!

  16. dear “kip”….simple contract for simple people…..don’t matter what craft a 204b management suck ass wannabee comes from nowadays….they are all TOAST, but if you want to hitch your “star” to a “dream of grandeur”, be my guest.

    “simple contract” for a simple worker….and a “simpleton 204b”.

  17. There’s nothing wrong with mailhandler 204Bs. We still know what it’s like to sweat and bleed over the mail. Our contract isn’t a labyrinth of conflicting rules. I can tell you this now, those who aren’t willing and able to get the job done are going to be shown the door,exemptions, entitlements, and dispensations notwithstanding.

  18. I agree that 204B’s were supposed to be phased out years ago, but if the don’t allow clerks to be 204B’s that just means more mail handlers will be 204B’s! Don’t know if I can stand that! LOL

  19. if they cut out 204b’s who is gonna get the tee times…and tell the PM what went on at the Union meeting last night!!!

  20. @ jack potter – I agree with you….whatever happened to the ASP anyway? I am so tired of 204Bs that don’t know anything and are only put somewhere because a postmaster wanted their “buddies” with them!!!

  21. please do eliminate 204bs, they were supposed to be eliminated per the associate supervisors program way back when!!!!!!! it is just another way for management to play favorites!!!! most are hightly unqualified anyway!!!!

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