Sen. Carper Reacts to Report Detailing Postal Employee Abuse of Agency Credit Cards

The office of Senator Thomas Carper issued the following press release:

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), chairman of the Senate subcommittee with jurisdiction over the U.S. Postal Service, reacted to a recent Postal Service Inspector General report that details abuse of agency credit cards by postal employees:

 “We’re at a point today where the Postal Service is losing a record amount of money year in and year out.  Cumulative losses could total nearly $240 billion by 2020.  Things are so bad that the Postal Service may actually be forced to close its doors by next Christmas.  So, at a time when my colleagues and I are working so hard to stabilize the Postal Service’s finances, it is disturbing and deeply disappointing to hear this latest news about postal employees abusing agency credit cards.

 “Postal management is currently pursuing tough changes such rate increases, cuts in service, and wage and benefit concessions from its employees as part of their effort to reduce costs.  I’ve told the new Postmaster General and his predecessor that he and other top postal executives need to do their part as well.  If they are going to ask postal employees and customers to make sacrifices to save the Postal Service, then the postal leadership certainly has a responsibility to set a good example when it comes to frugality and basic financial management.  In this case, they have clearly failed.  I intend to get to the bottom of how these abuses went unchecked for so long and find a way to prevent similar instances of waste and fraud moving forward.”

7 thoughts on “Sen. Carper Reacts to Report Detailing Postal Employee Abuse of Agency Credit Cards

  1. Here Management has a training session with lunch, leather binders, special perks of all kinds. I don’t understand why they don’t do what they say. Well I do understand. Its the same with our abusive Plant Manager. He doesn’t have the personnel skills to manage an ant farm let alone human employees. He purports savings which don’t exist, wasteful practices just to try and show his plan will work. Hasn’t yet.

  2. Will they ever look into the detailing of management all over the country? Paying lodging, per diem…. I would bet this is costing the service a ton.

  3. Those who abused the credit card still working for the postal Service ? The postal Service want to fire people anyway they can. They should fire those who abused the credit card.
    Postal management out of control ? true. The postal service is in the red, but it didn’t stop management from giving themselves $ 10,000—$$15,000 $ 20,000 bonuses .. The retired postmaster General retired with huge benefits. Big time out of control.
    Another problem , if you count the postmaster–supervisor–204-B’s —clerk’s supervisor–clerk ‘s 204 B’s each office have about 6 supervisor’s . A huge waste..
    The postal service used to be a good place to work but not for the last 10 years , it suck’s to work for the P.O.
    With DPS machines coming, 7 hour’s on the street is going to be hell specially for the old timers who have bad knees–bad back and could end up with walking Most old timers have driving routes because of their senority, but now they could end up walking again and no one is looking out for them. Management is going to to use DPS flats to get rid of the old timers no doubt. I hope all the routes go up for bid, it will give the old timers a chance to bid on a driving routes. 8 o’clock start time according to the contract all routes must go up for bid correct ?? True ?

  4. Mr Carpet sir, can you folks not see a trend? Postal management is out of control from top to bottom!

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