28 thoughts on “Mail Carrier Tries to Get Job Back After Helping Boy

  1. There has to be more to this story. If her termination is soley based on that act , then it is unwarranted. How could the union not be able to work out something before before a letter of removal was issused. I think we are short on the facts, but 1 thing remains clear !!! Why if she was doing the right thing by helping a child would a manager request a removal??? Has to be more, or the manager is a miserable person.

  2. People, wake up!!!!! SHE DID NOT GET FIRED FOR HELPING THE BOY!! She was rightfully terminated because she was a bad carrier. Pause the video at about 55 seconds and read the termination letter. There is no mention of this “heroic act”!!!

    All of your complaints that go to your Congressmen will be laughed at since you are citing the wrong reason for her being fired. Why do you think she lost the grievance?? She was probably on a last chance agreement for being a pathetic carrier and the union couldn’t save her this time.

    Come on, pay attention to the details!!

  3. I’m from Illinois , i called my Senators office and i also called New Jersey Senator I told them what the postal Service did to that lady. I predict that she will get her job back. I was so pissed that i also send a fax to the president Mr. Obama. The postal service needs to eliminate jobs and they will fire you for any little reason. DPS flats have arrived at our office, 6 to 7 routes are going to be eliminated they need to to get rid of carriers and clerks. I’m hoping for incentives early out which i believe is coming in 2011 for Civil Service carriers. The only reason am still hanging around , but i plan to retire this year . $ 25,000 and 3 years to your time is the rumors i been hearing. Rios you will get your job back.

  4. she should have finished her route first and went back to the post office and clocked out. then she could have driven back to help the child after work in her own personal vehicle without costing the postal service any money

  5. Just another example of out GREAT postal management and why I am so proud to have worked there for over 25 years. I’ve seen a lot during that time and this is just a minor offense. The public should know that most of your carriers , window clerks and people working the machines sorting the mail worry about service and try to do the right thing in a situation as above. Management would rather have the carrier close the door and move to the next scan point on their route so they can be accounted for.This carrier did the RIGHT THING. She gets fired and management gets a huge bonus. The public was so outraged when the Big 3 car makers were before Congress and it was brought up that they came in their private jets. LISTEN UP people, the USPS is the same in that we keep raising stamp prices ( but basic postage of 44 cents stays the same in March) and then give management huge bonuses. look at what former Postmaster Potter walked away with, then as he is cashing that multi million dollar check he states that management bonuses should be stopped????!!!!! Tell you what John, why don’t you return half of that check that you cashed and help the PO out????

  6. Yeah, if this had been that Manager’s kid, he would be on his knees thanking her. Don’t they get it!!!!! this could have been their child.

  7. Never, never trust anything a manager says, regardless of how sincere he or she may act, or even want to be. No floor level postmaster or supervisor has any real authority to make even the most minute decisions. POOMS, District and Area run absolutely everything, and they’re full of the biggest snitches, ass kissers and worst quality people in the Service. We all know climbers and how they got their appointments, by being tattletales and back stabbing ass kissers.
    It should come as no surprise then the level of stupidity and just plain viciousness management is capable of considering the caliber of people who actually want to get into it. The worst T-6 I ever had, or ever will have, was mean as hell to my customers and other carriers he didn’t like. He misdelivered mail all over the place, sometimes intentionally for a laugh. Of course he was a snitch and ass kisser, and has relatives higher up to help him along in his management career. You know the fix is in when you wreck your LLV twice on your probation and nothing is said.
    When he 204-B’d he delighted in harassing carriers he didn’t like and went out of his way to be as mean and miserable as he could to a select few. He didn’t like me either but I wouldn’t take any shit off him and wasn’t afraid of him.
    As for this poor lady in Jersey, the management responsible needs psychiatric observation and immediate removal. Only a very sick person would discipline someone or remove them for saving a boy from dog attack. Just goes to show you, you’re better off not telling management anything you absolutely don’t have to, even something heroic, because they will find a way to discipline you just to be the assholes they are. Save a family from a house fire and they’ll fire you for deviating from your route.

  8. Don’t bother! Read the removal notice (approx. 55 seconds in ( good catch DUH)). This is a bogus attempt to get her job back and slur the Postal Service.

  9. One more thing people , call your Senators and congressman office right now. Lets get Mrs. Sherry Rios job back. O.K. call now.

  10. Jose mailman for 34 years and 3 years in the U.S. Marines. Sherry Rios did the right thing. I would of done the same thing. If i were to see anyone running away from 2 pit bulls i would do the same. Postal Management are a bunch of idiots. They are rule freaks. One reason i plan to retire from the job. I hate working and taking orders from idiots. Don’t want to work ? Lazy ? can’t cut it as a carrier ? become a supervisor and give orders to those who want to work.. The postal service used to be a good place to work, but not anymore. 37 years i plan to retire this year 2011.
    Sherry Rios i would do the same thing. Postal management are a bunch of idiots.
    Sherry Rios you did the right thing. Semper Fi OOOrah.

  11. All the lieing and cover ups that go on within the Postal Serviceand she gets fired for helping a child!! She would have been dogged if she hadn’t helped the child also.There are some people that are all about rules and jobs come on USPS give her,her job back!! How about all the inflated mail counts and the hidden mail during mail counts?? How about the inflated hours so the Post Masters will get BIG bonuses??? Surely your sins WILL Find you out-ONE day USPS!!

  12. First and foremost, keep your mouth shut. I am retired and have broken the rules more than once. The difference is that I told no one. In the case of keeping a child safe I’ll break the rules every time. Good luck to you in NJ.

  13. This woman deserves a reward, not a firing! I can’t believe the post office stood on ceremony (about not allowing anyone on the truck) under these circumstances. Any caring person would have done the same thing. I hope the Postmaster General some day ends up lying in the street bleeding and a postal truck just goes on by without assisting. I know that’s mean, but I don’t care. Give the lady her job back and change your restrictions to cover emergency situations. Mail carriers should be told what to do in emergency situations as people will go to them knowing they’re safe. The post office’s excuse will probably be that the kid may have been a terrorist hiding a bomb on him and used as a ruse to get at a mail truck.

  14. Try pausing the video while the notice of removal is showing. It doesn’t mention anything about a passenger in the vehicle. It says that she inflated her time based on her 3996, and that 1.5 feet of mail and 3 certified items were not delivered. I think she had plenty of previous discipline and was just a crappy carrier. Sorry about her luck.

  15. Shows you exactly what postal managers are all about. This womans big mistake was telling her manager. No good can ever come from involving management in any situation. Hopefully this event will show the outside world the kind of management we deal with everyday. Absolutely Horrible.

  16. I had a simular event happen to me about 15 years ago.
    I was ask, why I left the route to help a patron in need?
    My Answer then and now is this!
    I have this sign on my car today.
    PS> I was given a letter of thanks from the USPS!

  17. send the tape to her final boss…..Obummer friend of the little people. lol! oh yeah these company unions suck….should have learned how to hit the street years ago with the teamsters….decertification election would have done the trick. NALC sucks big time. postal workers only have one thing on their mind…OT!

  18. Unbelievable. A carrier in the office I work in commited fraud when he falsified medical documentation for an absence. Caught by the OIG. Another carrier willing delayed and abandoned the mail. Four different carriers fought on the job. All are still on the job even though they broke Postal regulation. Yet this lady was trying to help a CHILD and she looses her job. I can only shake my head. UNBELIVEABLE!!

  19. Typical response from the ignorant apathetic management. She should be applauded and commended for what she did. This moron supervisor should be fired, however, this is typical in the USPS management today. That is why the postal service is going into the toilet!!! The USPS is infested with this kind of scum in management. Everyone knows about not letting anyone ride in the postal vehicle, but common sense , reason and decency should be at least attempted by the supervisors even though they lack this human trait. You have my vote Sherry. You are a kind considerate person. Don’t ever change. Management…..you should hang your pathetic heads in shame and disgrace.

  20. Hell my hubby’s car broke down on the way to work so his boss came and picked him up in an llv–so who says no one rides?? That’s bogus–the kid wasn’t gonna steal the mail. What about the many people that have jumped in an llv and forced the mail carrier to drive, etc.? The woman deserves her job back with a commendation for her heroism.

  21. Every boss I ever had at the post office were morally bankrupt. The hardest part of the job was dealing daily with these heartless bastards.

  22. SMH…. not really sure what happened, whole story is not available to me, but I’m not surprised at what the USPS will fire someone for. The company is struggling and will let you go regardless of the circumstances. No, we are NOT suppose to have ppl in our vehicles, but of someone was in danger and I was able to assist, guess I would be finding another job.

  23. the managers responsible for making the decision to fire this lady need to be neutered, so that they don’t continue to pollute the gene pool by reproducing.

  24. Carrier for 30+ years. Last year the same thing happened to me. Little boy (5-6) frightened of nearby dogs running to me. I know how management can be and knew NO ONE rides in the vehicle. I told this to the little boy and asked him if I were to drive along side of him until we reached his house 6-7 houses away would that be alright. He nervously shook his head OK. He got home and there seemed to be no street supervision. This took 4 minutes and I didn’t tell anyone until now. For the next time this should happen. NO ONE rides.

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