Obama Budget to address “major financial concerns” of USPS

President Obama is set to present a special Valentine’s Day gift to the US Postal Service this year, in the form of assistance in his latest Budget.

The struggling USPS needs to address financial problems that saw it posting an $8.5 billion loss last year, with commentators predicting a $6.5 billion loss this year – and possible insolvency.

But this morning, the chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission revealed that she had been told by White House officials that some assistance will come in the President’s Budget for the 2012 fiscal year, which is due to be announced later this month.

“I did have a meeting with representatives of the OMB in the White House,” Ruth Goldway said at the Commission’s latest open meeting, “who indicated to me… that there will be something in the President’s Budget on February 14 that deals with major financial concerns in the Postal Service.”

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9 thoughts on “Obama Budget to address “major financial concerns” of USPS

  1. Postal Service is SO not needed in today’s world. Let it fold. We can get our K-Mart flyers at K-Mart if we want them.

  2. my opinion is why managent pay in cash all the sick and give the oportunity to retire all tha employe tha have the time to retire thad is a good idea because the employe is going to work don care is he is sick much of company do this at de end of the year and they dont have the money thad the postal service have

  3. people should have to pay to have mail delivered to their home. Let’s say $25 a year if you want mail delivery, if not there goes your mailbox. Enough of the free ride.

  4. Hi,

    Actually, Top Managements to Facility PO , They are over staffs and there are lots waste of money. There are many reasons, those staffs never punch time and there are still abuse money without use any leaves either Annual or Sick. End up for retirement, they get huge sum(AL) plus add for year to retire (SL). Congress or Government did not check revenue at all. OIG also waste money too. You need t check all Top Managements to supervisors’s salary plus leave, then you will know the results.
    You need to set up outline budget from Top Mgt should limit salary upto 250k. I have seen many VP all over USPS very close to 200k and never work 8 hours huh. Example: one building had VP and then there are still accounting, IT, supply, etc.. plus lower staffs those manager earns over 150k. There are over staffs too. There are more than 6 districts like VPs. Lower staffs over 70K and they do not work very hard while POSTAL WORKERS, MAIL HANDLER, and CARRIER are working harder than top Mgts. All workers do time card while Mgts donot. So Congress or OIG can not prove mgts time schedule. They are very huge cheating to Government money. That’s why? I knew in the beginning, it was wrong. But I work PO and service to Customers and make them happy.
    God bless you.

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