USPS Moving Beyond Confirming Delivery

Some packages entering the postal mailstream now are displaying a new Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) format. A banner that reads “USPS TRACKING #” is located above the barcode.

Above the Barcode“Employees should be aware of this new wording on the IMpb,” says Jim Cochrane, vice president, Product Information. “We’re sending a strong statement that the Postal Service intends to compete in the package delivery market by moving beyond confirming delivery to providing robust end-to-end tracking visibility on all products.”

The IMpb helps USPS increase efficiency and add value to its package product line through improved handling and enhanced visibility — contributing to the USPS core business strategy of competing for more package business (Link, 12/7/10).

The “USPS Tracking #” will appear above all package and extra services barcodes except those used for Certified Mail, Registered Mail, and Open and Distribute products.

source: USPS

6 thoughts on “USPS Moving Beyond Confirming Delivery

  1. One, why wouldn’t the existing numbers be used? Two, when do those of us at the bottom get the memo? Three, will this service required an extra charge? Four. When it won’t be delivered before five P.M. and the supervisor tells me to scan it before it’s delivered, which one of us is breaking the law? I’ll hang-up and wait for the answers off the air.

  2. Still doesn’t mean the package gets delivered to the right address. Have picked
    up many misdelivered confirmation packages after a day off.

  3. its about time, when is this going to be offered on EVERY priority package? it will only send a strong signal if it is implemented sometime soon, as an employee, i have not seen or heard about any of this…….

  4. We were more concerned with scanning empty equipment and sending reports around to justify huge bonuses!

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