Florida Postal Worker Charged With Stealing From Customers

A $9,000 Rolex watch among items stolen from customers

A Homosassa Post Office worker was arrested on Jan. 27 following complaints from several postal patrons their property had been stolen or was missing.

The arrest wrapped up the investigation of three separate incidents reported to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

In one incident, a Sheriff’s Office detective received a complaint from a woman on Jan. 5 that gift cars she had mailed to Illinois had been stolen. The woman also said that she later discovered the gift cards had been used, one of which was at the Inverness Wal-Mart. The other card was also used, but it is unknown where it was redeemed, the arrest report says.

On Jan. 12, a couple reported that a $9,000 Rolex watch they had mailed from a jewelry store using a post office service from Homosassa never arrived at its destination. The couple also produced receipts showing the watch was sent out and the watch insured for $4,000.

During the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office was able to review a video of Riggeal placing items on a shelf next to her, then placing the packages in the trash can near her work station and then removing the packages from the trash.

full story: Citrus (Florida) Daily

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