’60 Minutes’ To Feature Story On Closure Of Post Office In Mansfield, Ohio

’60 Minutes’ visits Mansfield post office – Show drawn to city to tell story of Lincoln branch’s closing

The Emmy-award winning show “60 Minutes” spent Thursday and Friday at sites throughout Richland County, including five Mansfield post offices and AngelWoods Hideaway Bed and Breakfast, in Lucas.

“We’re doing a story about the U.S. Postal Service, which is in the process of closing a couple thousand post offices,” producer Clem Taylor said. “We’re here in Mansfield looking at the Lincoln branch as an example of what’s going on across the country

“We’re doing this story because, in one way or another, everyone in America is affected by the operations of the postal service,” he said. “And, quite frankly, there really hasn’t been a lot of stories about it. The postal service is trying to find ways to cut costs, while trying to still deliver the mail to every address in the U.S.”

full story: Mansfield News Journal

PostalReporter.com received the following message from Darrell See, Local 903 APWU :

I would like to thank and apologize to the patrons that stopped by the Lincoln Branch of the USPS in Mansfield for a scheduled protest that was cancelled; at the last minute 60 Minutes changed their venue for filming. Thank you Mansfield News Journal and 60 Minutes for the exposure to the issue of reviewing 16,000 of the 32,000 offices in America for closure. One of the largest reasons for closure is reported to be a loss of income at the stations and branches. Mark Strong’s article in Federal Times explains that the station and branches will show a loss since they are credited with sales and processing only, not deliveries, Locally, when mail is generated, from south of butler to the shores of Lake Erie in Sandusky, it is processed and credited to Mansfield Processing, except for Saturday mail trucked to Cleveland Ohio. Then, most of the advertising mail would be credited in Akron Ohio and Pennsylvania where the receiving bulk mailing centers are located. Next, if not for a new $50 Billion requirement in excessive pre-funding of expected future retiree health benefits the USPS would have shown a $611 Million Dollar profit for this non-profit, service origination over the last four years according to the APWU. Please contact your local and national government representatives if you want to keep your local USPS.

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  1. I’m a mom of three young children and a PTF clerk. Rumor has it they will be shutting down my office in a few months. I will probably be sent to the local “big” office where I’ll be just another number. Right now I have the luxury of having a schedule that allows me to take my children to school but when my office closes who knows what my new schedule will bring. Now I’m not only worried about job security but I wonder how my children will get to and from school or on and off the bus. It’s scary that a job with the post office means that they control every aspect of your life.

  2. here in the boston district we have a level 24 manager who is constantly in trouble, his first name is joe, and after labor relations investigated the latest charges against this creep it was put to bed, not long after he got in trouble again with inappropriate remarks in front of a woman, they moved captain chaos to his next stop, this guy is making like a hundred grand but they just move him along and the unions are the postal services biggest problem………………

  3. Sure. Always the unions are destroying America. Couldn’t be piss poor management, idiotic political leadership that allows corporations to rob and steal everything in sight, or stupid people (like you “jack potter”) that are anti-union commies.

  4. Since Jack Potter has no business with USPS (Except the Millions he took with him when he left) should just shut the F@@k up!!!!!!

  5. I have an idea, instead of closing postal offices how about getting rid of those useless supervisors and postal management with make big bucks and do next to nothing for it and then get bonuses on top of that. Check it out this year alone with all the talk of closures, excessing employees, etc., our management staff received bonuses and from what I understand pretty darn good bonuses at that!! Obsurd!!!

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