NY Postman Charged With Stealing 7,000 Coupons And Selling Them On eBay

Citing pressure from an impending foreclosure, a Queens postal worker stole thousands of retail-store coupons before they were mailed out — and sold them at a discount on eBay, cops said yesterday. Thomas Tang, 38, of Baldwin, Long Island, allegedly pilfered more than 7,000 coupons from JCPenney, Kohl’s and Lowe’s and sold them in batches on the Internet auction site. Working out of the Corona branch, Tang told investigators that he netted roughly $35,000 from the sale of JCPenney coupons between October 2009 and January of this year.

full story: New York Post

8 thoughts on “NY Postman Charged With Stealing 7,000 Coupons And Selling Them On eBay

    kohls pennys macys all da supermarkets…

    for you pretty_lady.. you get a special deal 😉
    oh and hey babe? we got water ice n pretzels, too…

  2. Back from dumpster_diving… I got me a gold mine…
    Just lemme get it up on outta my knapsack..

  3. This guy is doing jc Penney a favor. Jc penney send out thousands of coupons, how many actually use them and how go straight to trash. At least he’s selling to ppl who will use them. Jc doesn’t lose money as they are will to take the discount already. That’s why JC should close down. Dumb ass JC Penney. Let te man go. No harm done! JC Penney should thank this man.

  4. Not all Postal Svc. employees are this stupid. What can you say though, when a fool sees a chanch to make illegal money like this, whether they are in Craft or Managment they will do it , if they are that stupid…………………..

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