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  1. This is for everyone making negative comments,if u di not wirk foe the post office u have no I

    dea what we deal with on a daily basis. People onlynt the job for tge money a

  2. This is to the FOX hand puppets out there that believe that the union could get these guys their jobs back. First under law our union is whats known as a open shop- that means you dont have to join the union if you dont want to. But just because they are not in the union doesnt mean I dont have to help a worker when they do something stupid. This is very stupid stuff I dont know any steward that could get these knuckle-heads off. By law we have to represent everyone fairly, and diligently or we can be sued. The is a whole section of the ELM that deals with employee’s drinking while on duty. How-every the stealing is another matter because they are craft employee’s they will lose their job, now we just caught a supervisor forging a document and attempted to get justice and we were told by the district manager he didnt forge the docment on purpose????
    What you see happening with these two or three fools is NOT what 99% of the postal craft work-force is about . Most are responsible and adults!!! Try and remember that as FOX plays this over and over again!!!

  3. My husband has been in the post office for 8 yrs. And every story he tells me on how management verbally abuses them & be-littles them , I’ll be shocked if any mail man isn’t an alcoholic. Thank god I’m not dealing with That.
    But it gets bad when your dealing with ignorant raciest ppl out their. There’s been times where he calls me and he’s being insulted by some low life red neck that probably collects welfare. I don’t mind them getting a few beers or two but at least change your work shirt. That’s pretty much common sense & don’t do it while your on the clock. Duhhhh

  4. Way to go Fox 29 potentially ruining the lives of three men and their families by sticking your nose in someone else’s business remember the phrase those who live in glass houses or if you’d rather ye without sin cast the first stone.

  5. Comment from letter carrier – 23 years on the job. Fabulous , once again , we witness titillating, embarassing, and negative publicity as newsworthy. Well lets see if we can bring more attention to the hard-working employees; those who have aged during their postal careers, yet still show up to give their very best efforts in servicing the public. If the truth was actually uncovered you would find that the postal service is no longer in the service oriented business- simply put, we are a business run by managers and supervisors without business degrees; however, craft employees, mainly the letter carriers are made to bear the brunt of the burden of carrying out mandates that read well on paper, but fail to properly recognized their implementation in real time.

  6. These employess should be fired. This is terrible. This is not the first time I have seen this happen, but putting the public at risk is unacceptable. Drinking and Driving is totally illegal. Getting paid while sitting in in a bar on overtime is gounds for removal. I hope the NALC does not try to defend their actions for so many times they have defended letter carriers who are in total violation of Postal rules and regulations.

    Postal Service be strong on this one.

  7. I know these Postal worker did a stupid thing and should be punished for there action lose thire job whatever the case may be . I know that one of these 2 men is a Good person he works in the community and is a singel parent . My prayers are with his Family .

  8. Arnoldhow can you call these guy idiots?Poor decision makers. Yes!Hard working mail carriers that delivered mail and then participated in extra curricular activities. Stealing is running over,calling back and getting assistance from others,it is not stealing if you perform your duties.The main goal of a mail carrier is accurate delivery of mail 1st and customer service 2nd

  9. Its obvious they are stressed by their supervisors and its obvious they have a drinking problem. They should seek help and then after a couple of weeks return to their jobs.

  10. hey carney…are you an idiot? these were just 3 stupid idiots who thought they could get away with something they knew they shouldnt have even tried. anyone in the post office knows…falsify records…termination! drinking on the clock…termination!! driving a postal vehicle under the influence…termination !!!


  12. Well it’s so common it’s a tradition. In the beginning carriers have to work like crazy to get in shape and be able to deliver routes. After they get in shape they find ways to deliver mail faster. It doesn’t mean the mail is not delivered correctly, they get really good at it and they have spare time. Problem is it’s what was learned from the guys in the old post office. Where do you think Cheers get’s the idea of the carrier in the bar? Well the 3 guys caught are going to be alright. Alcoholism is an illness more than a misconduct. They delivered their respective routes without mis-delivering and before time. Fox News probably saved them from a chronic drinking problem (illness) which by law Employers are bound to recognize. Medical treatment and recovery is part of this law without the loss of the job itself. Yes, they will be out for some time but they will get the job back and end up thanking it happen this way. As far as exposure through the media, well it’s secondary to the illness. Now, if the news caught them stealing or fighting on tape and on the clock… it would be an unsurvivable situation. If you do a job which is rated as 8 hours in 5 hours because your rushing is it stealing? Of course not.. the routes were delivered entirely and so the job was completed way before time. How do they do it? No breaks, straight non stop hustle until finish. Safety requires them to go 90 to 120 paces a minute, they go much faster than that and so they finish way before the established time frame. After this ordeal is over with the are going to slow down and maintain the expected pace, take their breaks, lunch and learn to stay on the route.

  13. Having retired from the postal service 2 years ago, I find it irresponsible not only that these so called “letter carriers” were caught in the act while on the clock, but management is to blame as well. How can these guys spend hours in a bar drinking, while on the clock, and making “phony” scans while there? I say fire them, although I’m sure the union will get them back to work. With all the unemployment we have , I’m sure there are tons of people wishing they could work for the postal service. My only regret is that it puts a bad light on the rest of letter carriers.

  14. I can’t believe how many on here try to shift the blame to the management at that office. So if a carrier stops on his route and robs a store than it must be a management failure, and if he rapes a women while on the clock, management has to share in the blame some way. Sheeeesh these guys made their choice, and nobody else twisted their arms to make them do it. If management/supervision wasn’t doing their required route reviews, that is a total unrelated problem. (just because the bank vault is open, doesn’t mean you can help yourself to the money). If the Union even tries to save their jobs, their slapping the faces of the hard working carriers and telling the public thats the service that they should expect from all carriers.

  15. Anyone out there that thinks there are any possible reasons in the World that these guys should keep their jobs needs to seek medical attention . Quickly, Tell thr Doctor you are Stupid and see if he has any Medicine for you.

    No Excuses

    Fired Period !!!!

  16. The people who are defending these carriers are making excuses plain and simple. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. If your complaining that management is so terrible what is the union doing to help fix that issue? As for drinking on the job, how can you say its ok when in this situation they were clearly spending more than 1/2 hour on lunch. The use of MSP’s again is stealing from the Postal Service. Its to bad that this will give the Postal Service a bad name again. Don’t stand up for idiots who give all Postal employees a bad name.

  17. The managers should also be fired. These carriers were comfortable with these arrangements….they had obviously been doing this for some time…not only were they being paid for the eight hour day, they were riding the clock for over-time. They had copies of the barcodes to scan whereabouts supposedly along their routes….managers had to have been aware of their over-time…this that to have been inside job with the cooperation of management / friends.

  18. As a letter carrier myself,my mouth dropped when I heard this. Where should I start? NO,NO,NO drinking on the clock under any circumstances.none. NO false MSP scanning. I want to know where they found the time to spend in this bar, cause I have barely enough time to eat lunch and pee. I would not be surprised if they are done, fired,dismissed. The Post Office is harrassing people for ligitimate call offs ,sick use and geneal stuff,this is sorta a “they knew better,and they still did it”…..they might not get their Carrier jobs back,,they may make them supervisors..thats the postal way.

  19. Unfortunately this story comes as no surprise to anyone, I mean c’mon there was a reason Norm was in Cheers all day. So please don’t give me the pathetic “I’m so surprised” I would like to make mention of FOX news, who elected to be very discreet about the third carrier. If you haven’t guessed, he is a Caucasian male, why wasn’t his name mentioned two and three times? Why didn’t they show his beer count? Then FOX cuts to this white woman Debbie Amoroso of Plymouth Meeting, who lost her son to a drunk driver, mind you, a white drunk driver and she shows her disgust for drinking and driving. I mean this is not really a very “Investigative piece” Just to wrap it all up, I believe all the carriers should be terminated, along with Jeff Cole for such a farce of fair and balanced reporting. I mean really am I going to have to investigate the investigator? News is now Propaganda!!!

  20. It’s bad that these carriers have got caught slippin!! But if you don’t work for the Post Offfice you will never understand the B.S we go thru on a daily basis!!! And this is to all the people who saying i bet the union get there job. Thats why we pay union dues.

  21. Wow all these comemts coming from people who never made a mistake. I live on Mr. Grays route and he is exceptional, if pains me to see this . I wonder why Fox 29 gailes to mention they were already finished their job for the day when this instances occured. Not that it makes it OK but it makes it mor fair sidied, but then again where would the story i that be!!!!!!!!!

  22. I don’t condone what happened but us postal employees go through a hell of alot. There is alot of unecessary pressure put on us, and managers not only don’t appreciate us for the hard work we do but they don’t respect the personnel that come to work and perform at high levels every day. That was a stupid thing to do. If you been in the game more than 10 years you should know better.

  23. No Pete thats because your route probably doesn’t have a Regular Mailman and a bunch of Scabs are doing your route !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Management would rather hire part time people who couldn’t even pass the test

  24. the Carriers are going to say they have a problem,, they will get shipped off to rehab and keep their jobs.. Almost all carriers do it at one time or another (I being one, but have since stopped drinking period)…

    Here’s the part thats going to hurt

    THEY HAD SCANS !!!!!
    There is NO defense for that, They Stole time,, how many times have you guys been told not to get caught with scans !!!!!!!
    They are DONE !!!!!
    Stay on your route, do your job, can’t do this crap anymore guys COME ON,, bad enough we have to deal with Management all morning.
    Don’t give them a reason to hire another 400 Management prototypes and ship them off on the street to watch our every move.

  25. Wow, now that’s sad. I’ve been a proud veteran and postal carrier for 14 years. One of the toughest jobs I’ve ever had. Day and day out, the mail keeps coming, and the heat in Az. never gives either. 130 degrees inside my truck in the summer. These guys need to be fired. I love’em, but come on. The managers of that station should be standing in the unemployment line as well. We are paid well to do a tough job…..and every once in a while, we get a customer that say’s, “hey, I appriciate what you do, I could never do it.” And that’s why I do it. And by the way “Common sense on Sat.” anyone cannot do what we do….just because management hires anyone, doesn’t mean they are good at it. Union YES>>>>Go OBAMA!!!!

  26. I certainly don’t condone what these men did, but I take issue with the public shaming by Fox News. Also, I understand that the third individual was white. Why were only the African American letter carriers shown the news story??

  27. I think most are missing a salient point: someone tipped Fox 29. The point being, with this economy, the amount of negative press the Postal Service is enduring, and the amount of busy-bodys with cellphone cameras, any carrier doing ANYthing questionable is likely to attract scrutiny. And it don’t take a genius to figure this out.

    Those guys blew it, big time. Regrettably, they just forfeited their careers over this stunt. And management? To manage implies proactive behavior and Postal management is anything but proactive, rather they’re reactive. Anyone condoning the behavior of these carriers is only doing so out of frustration…frustration that when management makes mistakes, they circle the wagon and protect their own no matter how egregious the infraction. It still doesn’t absolve the carriers from their “indiscretions”.

    The beauty of the Postal Service is that anyone can make it there…and that’s also what’s wrong. This is a poorly managed organization that’s governed by a five-word government credo: Do not get in trouble.

    Well, those three carriers forgot that credo…

  28. OMG, has everyone completely lost their minds? I mean, those of you defending these guys. These guys are professional mail carriers and KNOW that you are not allowed to consume ANY alcohol on the job let alone having copies of their scans and scanning them. This is known as falsifying documents and is grounds for dismissal. It is also against the LAW to consume the amount of alcolhol these guys did , in the amount of time allowed , and drive. Guaranteed, if they would have been pulled over they would have been over the legal limit to drive! That would have been great for them to get arrested on the job for drunk driving. Try and fight that one. Oh, and to the comments of not getting paid for lunch. Lunch is 30 minutes long, including drive time. Not 3 hours!! And we are allowed to enter a bar for LUNCH not ALCOHOL. I am a carrier myself, have been for 16 years, and i am appalled with their conduct. I’m also pissed @ the way they have made their fellow brother & sisters look. I work hard and give my all every day, It’s sad that this makes us all look bad. What in the world did they expect?? Just plain STUPID!! Actions have consequences and in this case not good ones! Shame on you guys!!

  29. First of all the grammar used in most of this posts says it all. Most of you are MORONS.These men were drunk! And on the clock end of story. To the idiot who said they are aloud (it’s spelled allowed) to go anywhere you like you are correct. But you can’t DO anything you like. For example …….Drink.

  30. HEY !!!!! I work as a letter carrier and you are so right !!!!! We don’t get paid for our lunch period. but we have to stay around our routes because even though we aren’t getting paid they are still liable to pay us if something happens. BUT !!!!We are aloud to go anywhere we like with NO RESTRICTION and that includes a BAR . write to Fox 29 and let them know

  31. You are so right Phil….. Firemen and Police get paid for there lunch hour and they are not permitted into a bar to drink on company time . But a Postal employee doesn’t get paid for his lunch and can ..if he likes to go into any bar or store on his route during his non pay lunch period and do as he pleases as long as he doesn’t over do it. PASS THIS TO THE FOX 29 STATION

  32. Why can’t a letter carrier go into a bar and have a drink ? He doesn’t get paid for his lunch hour and if he goes in and has one or two drinks why not? Where does it say that a postal employee is prohibited from going into a bar on his lunch hour. Police and firemen are prohibited from drinking on the job because lives depend on them.. NOT POSTAL EMPLOYEES…Tell Fox 29 to bother the ones that aren’t allowed to be in a bar.

  33. FOX29, don’t spend a lot of time believing you’ve done something wonderful. These three guys will all be back on the job within six months. They’ll claim they have a ‘disease’ and an arbitrator will give them their jobs back. The one who fainted is already building his case that he’s stressed out. As for these other posts boo-hooing the ‘terrible’ work conditions, ‘terrible’ management, blah, blah, blah; I say any job that allows you the time to sit in a bar for three hours out of the day isn’t that bad.

  34. The people who defended this behavior are only doing so because they are guilty of it as well and fear that could have been themselves. One writer said, ” its not like the reporter never hoisted one at lunch before”. You should watch the whole video because this wouldnt have been newsworthy if they had one drink. They had several beers and hard liquor and were scanning their managed service barcodes as if they were still working. What if your kid was was playing where these clowns delivered mail and they ran over your kid, whats your feelings on that or are you just as ignorant as these employees. STOP being a bleeding heart and sympathizing with trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as other misconduct throughout any company, of course it exists,however these particular three were caught get over it, its still not right!!!!!!

  35. Some of these responses are as insulting as these idiots giving all hard working letter carriers a bad rap. Look at the video carefully and notice how latte these clowns are out on the street. It must be passed 5 o’clock and clearly on overtime status. They SHOULD be terminated!
    There clearly is a lack of management supervision in this video and I agree with their termination as well. The audasity of these employees to falsify documentation(scanners) and be out on the street drinking is appalling.

    There is a need for complete overhaul of the postal system. managers in the private sector would never allow this to get by them. In the postal service, managers and supervisors are gone by noon.

    Disguting….Fire the bummssss!

  36. thank gawd they just MOVED the Postmaster and 5 supervisors

    wouldnt want them to LOSE their jobs since 1 of there assignments would be
    street ops……………..this STINKS almost as bad as this COLE guy reporting the story YOU POMPOUS ASS H*LE

  37. ill bet there isnt 1 reporter OR cameraman that hoisted 1 at lunch before

    like normal reporting this is so 1sided it STINKS

  38. we have enough problems to worry about internally. i know where i work if you have 15 minutes extra time on your route your getting 15 minutes off another route. where is the supervision when this is happening. they also should be held accountable for these moron’s. thanks guys for giving us a good name in philly.

  39. PMG Marvin Runyon praised the fictional carrier Cliff Clavin on the sitcom Cheers, who wore a postal uniform to a bar in Boston (a public place) and drank beer in postal uniform. Clavin’s postal uniform hangs in the National Postal Museum.

    See this link: http://www.postalreporter.com/editor.htm (scroll down). Drinking in uniform violated postal rules at the time, but the USPS OIG didn’t exist then.

  40. This reporter is a real winner, wonder if he ever has a drink with lunch. I hope to see him and his secret camera guy sometime in a bar when I’m having a drink, I would love to tell him what I think of sneaking weasels.

  41. Too all the folks critical ofa postal employees I suggest that all you have to do is apply for a job. anyone can work for the USPS. Now forget about weekends off, forget about 8 to 5, forget about holidays off. That is just for starts.
    Now we come to the part about management and their abusive polices. We all know the term “Going Postal” As a retired 32 year postal worker I have seen reasons why those employees went over the edge. Walk a mile in their shoes before you are too quick to judge.
    95 percent of postal employees are good hard workers, the media can always find those types in any job.

    Peace………………………………..Joe Smith

  42. If these carriers have been taking so much abuse, why isn’t their union helping them with that? I’m not buying any of your crap. They were drinking on the job using their scanners to look like they were working and that is STEALING!!!! Do you have any idea how many unemployed people would die for these postal jobs and then we have people screwing us like this? Pathetic!

  43. All uniformed employees know being caught drinking in uniform could cost them their job. The fact that they are on the job drinking should be a no brainer. They are stealing from their employer, not to mention drinking and driving! Ten bucks says their union gets them to agree to rehab and they keep their job!!! To add insult to injury, lets say they started work at 8o’clock A.M., 30 minute lunch, anything after 4:30P.M. was overtime( to the tune of $30 something an hour)!!!! All you unemployed people angry yet?

  44. I think that it is only fair to all usps employees that the names of the managers and supervisors also be posted. Letter carriers endure so much more abuse than the public eye sees if only you could do an under cover sting inside the postal facilities to see what we carriers deal with everyday then maybe you could understand why a carrier would drink. Not saying it was right but to see both sides of the story is only fair. Managers and supervisors abuse craft employees verbally and mentally. I for one am going on my second eeo for discrimination (racial and medical), harrassment, and retaliation. If every could only see!!!!!!

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