PMG Addresses Postmasters in Open Letter

As the Postal Service continues to focus on redesigning its management structure and streamlining operations to increase efficiency and control costs, USPS actions have drawn nationwide media attention . And, PMG Pat Donahoe addressed concerns over recent media reports in an open letter this week to Postmasters.

“Finding the right balance in the service we provide is one of our top priorities, as we seek to compete for customers and get on a sound financial footing,” Donahoe wrote in the letter.

Earlier this month, Donahoe announced a series of actions already taken to help USPS meet its goal of evolving into a forward-thinking, fast-acting company (Link, 01/21). These first steps included reorganizing senior executive ranks at postal headquarters and closing the Southeast Area office, and are part of a much larger process involving every level of the organization. This could mean closing up to 10 districts nationwide, eliminating about 7,500 jobs through attrition, and consolidating select Post Offices, stations and branches, according to Donahoe.

“We all share the goal of strengthening the Postal Service,” Donahoe wrote to Postmasters. “Your continued commitment and leadership are vital to our success,” Donahoe concluded.

Donahoe also said in the letter:

pmg donahoe letter

I’ve heard from a number of Postmasters that I could choose my words more when describing some of the least visited Post Offices. I certainly appreciate and value all of our Postmasters and Clerks and the terrific job they do every day, and I will communicate with greater care about their vital role and these important issues  facing our organization.

2 thoughts on “PMG Addresses Postmasters in Open Letter

  1. Do you know what the Post Master in our office does?
    Answers phones, and shows off her Christmas pictures.
    The day of the two foot snow storm here in MA. After returning
    to our office exhausted from pushing through the snow.
    She was showing off her Christmas pictures.
    If Donahue had half a brain he would impose a 50% pay cut
    to all salaried employees.
    Not like he has to worry about any of them leaving.
    Not one private company would ever hire them.
    The other day I returned to my office to find three supervisors
    going through the outgoing mail. They were putting the Netflix in
    order. $210,000 a year doing what one clerk should be doing?

  2. If the lines at the post office are long now, what will happen when they close all these post offices.

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