Parker, Florida Post Office Moving Letter Carriers To Another Facility

PARKER — Letter carriers will stop working out of the Parker Post Office location sometime in March, postal officials confirmed Thursday.

The president of the American Postal Workers Union 1414, Dee Carr, said the Parker facility, officially referred to as the Eastside Station, will lose its letter carriers to the Sherman Avenue location in March. He also claimed the postal service had been trying to keep the move quiet.

“They don’t want the public to be upset,” Carr said. “The only thing that will be left there is the retail.”

Joseph Breckenridge, a spokesman with the postal service, confirmed postal carriers will be moved to the Sherman Avenue facility. He said postal customers will be able to drop off mail, buy stamps and other mailing items at the Parker facility, but added there has been no decision to close the Parker facility and moving postal carriers would not disrupt delivery of the mail. He denied there was an attempt to keep the transfer quiet.

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