PMG Expresses Regret For Comparing Postmasters To Maytag Repair Man

From the National Association of Postmasters of the US (NAPUS):

In the first visit by a Postmaster General to the NAPUS national office in more than 23 years, yesterday’s meeting with PMG Pat Donahoe was less celebratory than the 1988 appearance by former PMG’s Tony Frank, William Bolger and Paul Carlin. The 1988 appearance of the 3 PMG’s was to celebrate the opening of the new NAPUS facility, but yesterday’s visit included an apology by PMG Donahoe for remarks he made about the workload of some Postmasters.

The meeting began with NAPUS President Bob Rapoza expressing his objections to the PMG about a statement he made in an interview with the Washington Post where Mr Donahoe compared some Postmaster workloads with the Maytag repair man, as being the “loneliest job in the world.” Mr Donahoe apologized for his un-intended remarks and said he would follow up with a letter to the two Postmaster organizations.

After having a working lunch with a group of NAPUS members from Pennsylvania, Mr Donahoe responded to questions from Postmasters, including concerns about early outs for Postmasters. He remained at the NAPUS national office to meet with leaders of the three management associations (NAPUS, League and NAPS) where three important issues were resolved, including the PMG’s commitment that the current practice to transport mail to carriers after they left the office, or to other offices to improve EXFC scores will no longer be tolerated.

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As memory recalls yesterdays visit by Pat Donahoe was the first visit by a Postmaster General to the NAPUS national office in more than 23 years. Unfortunately, the timing may not have been right but never the less we gave the PMG a professional welcome.

Within hours after a published statement in the Washington Post in which he compared 5,000 Postmasters to a Maytag repair man, as having the “loneliest job in the world”, I met with Postmaster General Pat Donahoe to raise my objections to his description of these hard working Postmasters. In an apology to Postmasters, Mr. Donahoe said that the printed statement was only a small part of an interview which included his praise of the service Postmasters provide to communities throughout the nation.

In a meeting with me, Charlie Moser, and a dozen Pennsylvania NAPUS members, Mr. Donahoe said that he regretfully used a poor choice of words in describing the workload of these 5,000 Postmasters. He met for an hour and a half with Pennsylvania NAPUS members discussing current issues. One of the questions asked was about an early out. Mr. Donahoe responded that Postal Headquarters is currently reviewing procedures and more information will be forthcoming after February 25th.

It is my view that if early outs are offered it will be to specific locations and job descriptions. It is unclear at this time as to the impact early outs may have on Postmasters. As soon as we receive any information pertaining to early outs I will send it out as an update and post it on our website.

After that meeting, NAPUS hosted our monthly scheduled meeting with the PMG, Megan Brennan COO, Doug Tulino VP Labor Relations, and the presidents of the three management organizations. The first topic of discussion was the PMG’s comment to the Washington Post. After a lengthy discussion on this subject, Pat stated that he would follow up with a letter to the Presidents of the two Postmaster organizations for his un-intended remarks. We also managed to accomplish the following in this meeting:

* A meeting will be scheduled with the USPS Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Delivery and Post Office Operations to review and discuss the entire post office closing process. This meeting will allow NAPUS and the League to be involved in any and all plans the Postal Service has to close post offices. I can assure you that your NAPUS organization will use this opportunity to be actively involved in reviewing and providing input to ensure that any efforts to close, suspend or discontinue service to communities will be done within the current framework of the law.

* NAPUS chapter presidents will be provided access to the CSDC system, which identifies all offices that have been targeted for change, suspension, discontinuance or closings. This will also allow chapter presidents access to the DUO information system. This information will provide NAPUS leaders at the local level with more knowledge about post offices than ever before.

* Mr. Donahoe will once again remind Area VP’s and District Managers that mail is not to be transported to carriers once they have left the offices, or to other offices, for the sole purpose of improving EXFC scores. I recommended to Mr. Donahoe that a solution to the problem would be to dissolve all “Hubs”

On behalf of the nation’s Postmasters, who were deeply offended by the Postmaster General’s comparison, I want to assure you that while I’m your national president; such statements will not be made about Postmasters without an appropriate response. Mr. Donahoe has apologized and I believe he is sincere. With the challenges we are facing, we must move on.

Robert J. Rapoza,
National President National Association of Postmasters of the United States

11 thoughts on “PMG Expresses Regret For Comparing Postmasters To Maytag Repair Man

  1. Actually he should be sending a letter to the Maytag corporation apologizing that he compared us to them.

    Postmasters are the most expensive payroll in the budget and could be reduced. Start using Finance Clerks in the small offices and have a hub Postmaster. Easy! Save millions if not billions in the first year alone.

  2. Anyone notice the line about the practice of driving mail between offices and from the office out to carriers to improve EXFC not being tolerated? It’s about time that practice ended. Wasted time, wasted money, and bloated (false) EXFC scores. ‘Bout time we stopped doing that.

  3. They are maytag repair men. We have 5 in an office with 29 routes and 2 aux. We have to wait over an hour to get a tow truck. Supervisor will not bring you a truck. and then complain when you are over there deadline. And then they deliver mail and case routes but our union fails to stop them. NALC really does suck…..

  4. Assuming that he was being honest when he was quoted, the Postal Service has received another manager, albeit Postmaster General, who has no respect for his employees. Well if he gets demoted he can always be a floor supervisor; with his attitude he will fit right in.
    Where do these people learn their management skills from, the Natzis ?

  5. sure didn’t feel bad when darryl issa said that postal employees (us) (not them) are only trained to be taxi cab drivers. where is the response to that. well maybe it does apply to them because he didn’t respond.

  6. It is sad to me how the Postmaster General spoke about the postmasters
    that serve the customers and go the extra mile always. Just a very sad
    statement. Please do offer early outs to everyone that is eligible age 50 with
    20 years so that we can move on where we are valued, When I think of all
    the extra postmasters do for their communities and this is how our top
    Manager speaks of us it is disheartening.

  7. The truth hurts. A lot of smaller offices with less then 8 routes have a Post Master that doesn’t do an hours worth of work a day. They need to go. See ya.

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