Ruling on Shuttered Post Offices Expected Soon

Closing post offices can be tricky—and has already landed the U.S. Postal Service in hot water.

The Postal Regulatory Commission expects to rule “very soon” on its investigation into whether the postal service has been improperly using reasons such as lease expirations to suspend service and to close many small, rural post offices, Norman Scherstrom, the spokesman for the commission, said Monday. The postal service has denied wrongdoing.

By law, in order to close a post office, the postal service must follow certain procedures to hear and weigh concerns of the community. The law also forbids closing a post office solely for economic reasons, meaning the postal service must cite other reasons, such as unsafe conditions, that don’t include profitability. The postal service is lobbying Congress to change that law.

full story via Wall Street Journal

2 thoughts on “Ruling on Shuttered Post Offices Expected Soon

  1. The activity of upper management at the USPS has been incompetent and boarding criminal. I have been employed for 34 years at the USPS and I have been involved in personal attacks by management because I did not keep quiet when I believed wrong doing by management had taken place. Supervisor’s and Manager’s used their positions and USPS money to make these attacks. Obviously I persevered and succeeded to win arbitration cases and legal settlements against these individuals but the USPS management were not held accountable for any adverse actions that they perpetrated against me. This is not uncommon because the Bargaining Unit Employee is held to a higher standard then the in- competent supervision. In spite of management the mail still goes through because of the work being done by the front line clerk, letter carrier and the dock workers (mailhandlers), not because of supervision

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