Former New York Postmaster Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

A former postmaster in Guilderland, New York  has pleaded guilty in federal court to stealing money from the U.S. Postal Service.

According to Schenectady Daily Gazette and the U.S. Court, Northern District of New York:

Labeeb Hameed, identified as the former postmaster at the Guilderland Center Post Office, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court Jan. 14 to one count of theft of public money, a misdemeanor. He faces up to one year in federal custody at his scheduled April 15 sentencing.

As part of his plea, Hameed admitted he stole a total of $6,900 from the U.S. Postal Service and diverted it to his own use, according to the plea agreement filed in federal court.

Labeeb Hameed began working for the US Postal Service on September 17, 2005. On or and out October 1, 2009, Labeeb Hameed was assigned to the position of Postmaster at the Guilderland Center Post Office in Guilderland, New York.

Between October 1, 2009 and February 11, 2010, while working as the Postmaster of the Guilderland Center Post Office, Labeeb Hameed stole and converted to this own use at least $6,900 which belonged to the United States Postal Service. Labeeb Hameed stole this by (1) removing money on various occasions from the cash register at the Guilderland Center Post Office (2) not disposing on various occasions gross receipts received from Guilderland Center Post Office customers into the cash register at the Guilderland Center Post Office but retaining the money for himself and (3) causing money orders to be issued to his personal creditors without paying for the money orders. In stealing and converting the $6,900 to his own benefit, Labeeb Hameed’s conduct was done voluntarily, wilfully, intentionally and knowingly, and was done with the intent to deprive the United States Postal Service of the use or benefit of the money.

5 thoughts on “Former New York Postmaster Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

  1. With the racial background 92.07% White, 2.51% African American, 0.14% other … of: Guilderland, New York , Hameed should have realized THAT ALL EYES WOULD HAVE BEEN ON EVERY ACTION HE WOULD MAKE.Especially being in charged of the local post office…………

  2. better get the fbi involved in this.the oig/postal inspection service are self serving.with that name of his,i’d want to make sure that the $6900 doesn’t/did come back as a roadside bomb.not to farfetched!.

  3. how is this only a misdemeanor?;there was 6000 dollars stolen.sounds like a coverup here.something else is going on here.

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