PMG Donahoe Appoints New Vice Presidents For Eastern, Northeast Areas

PMG Pat Donahoe last week announced two new officer assignments within Operations to head the Eastern and Northeast areas.

Jordan Small, who most recently served as vice president, Area Operations, Northeast Area, will assume the duties of vice president, Area Operations, Eastern Area. Prior to his assignment as Northeast Area vice president, Small served as vice president, Network Operations; vice president, Delivery and Post Office Operations; manager of the South Florida District; and manager/lead executive in the Philadelphia District.

Steven Forte, who most recently served as senior vice president for Operations, will assume the duties of vice president, Area Operations, Northeast Area. Forte’s previous assignments have included the position of vice president, Area Operations, for the former New York Metro Area and as manager of Operations Support also for the former New York Metro Area.

“Jordan Small and Steve Forte have done a tremendous job in helping guide USPS to achieve its business goals, and they will continue to drive beneficial change in their new assignments,” said Donahoe.

6 thoughts on “PMG Donahoe Appoints New Vice Presidents For Eastern, Northeast Areas

  1. I am current going on my 9th year as a PTF. And with each passing year it gets worse. Trying hard to keep the faith but I can honestly see why some many postal workers have the “I don’t care attitudes”

  2. I agree 100% with Mr. Pitts. I too was in management for 23 years. It is really sad to see where this is going. Not from a management or union back position. But from a general position. I was lucky enough to get an early retirement from the service. But when someone asks from where am I retired I’m too ashamed to tell them. My wife still has about 8 months to go to meet an early out if it is offered again. she will grab it in a second. The post office has been good to its employees buit it comes with a price. Your dignity and respect is no more.

  3. Alright! The PMG is on the right track…Keep the VP’s coming! Can’t ever have enough VP’s…Vice Presidents rule…How many does that make? 84?

  4. After 30 years of proud service I left the service with a broken heart. When I was first hired the service presented a honest and respected enviroment to work in for both craft and management. During the years I saw unprofessional leadership to take over. I saw such things as – 1. Promotions base on prior freindships and other associations 2. Individuals violating rules of federal laws such as EEOC etc. 3.Individual managing the Postal Service base on their personal ideals and not the establish rules and/or requlations. I am not surprise of the ongoing problems that currently exist .

    The biggest problem I believe that should be addressed is major payout for
    EEOC (s) violations.The same individuals committing the same violations, yet
    being rewarded with numerous promotions. Check the records!

    Former Manager C/S Atlanta District

  5. USPS is a tight-knit group. Joseph Popielarski retired from USPS as the Facility Manager of the USPS Wilkes-Barre PA Integrated Business Systems Solution Center (IBSSC). Judith Adams was placed in his position. She quickly placed her long-time friend and cohort, Michael Miguelez in a position as the overall manager of the development activities for Project Phoenix. The only problem is… he is the CEO of a technical staffing company,Optimo-IT, that provides personnel to the Wilkes-Barre IBSSC facility of the USPS.

    . In this position he monitors, plans, directs, and impacts the direction of project activities on behalf of the USPS. He has direct influence in the direction, scheduling and duration of the project Phoenix activities

    Not only does he realize personal financial gain from providing personnel for these contracts, Judith Adams also pays him a direct salary for his role in her USPS organization as a contractor. It is likely that he manages his company during the day while he is also drawing a salary from USPS.

    His website boasts of their recent growth – all of which seems to have happened since Judith Adams took over the Wilkes-Barre IBSSC:
    “The company’s staff, which has grown from 4 employees at the beginning of 2009, is expected to reach more than 30 by the end of this year.”

    13 of the 14 employment opportunities listed on his website are for positions in the USPS Wilkes-Barre IBSSC:

    Is this Illegal, or just Immoral?

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