Mail found scattered along Missouri highway

Authorities say mail was found scattered along about 65 miles of area interstates this morning, from Interstate 270 in Maryland Heights to a part of Interstate 55 in Ste. Genevieve County.

The mail and boxes were found scattered along the southbound lanes of Interstates 270 and 55. The path appeared to start at I-270 and St. Charles Rock Road.

The Missouri Highway Patrol and U.S. Postal Inspection Service are investigating and retracing the route where mail has been found.

They think a truck dropped the mail early this morning but they don’t yet know whether it was a U.S. Postal Service truck or a commercial carrier.

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6 thoughts on “Mail found scattered along Missouri highway

  1. Probably come out of a NDC where the contractor pulls the box out of the door by himself instead of the postal drivers.Never checked to see if it was sealed or tied down correctly.Just in a damn hurry and off he went.Ought to get the max penalty for the dumbass.See it every day,drivers pull doors with no green light,mail handlers in the trailer,forklifts in the trailer.They dont give a shit.And the postal service wants to cut more jobs.Go ahead,get them contractors doing all the work and we will be in worse shape than we are.Wake up management!Try and save a dollar and pay out the ass for you screwups

  2. Mail is hauled by contractors, not just postal employees. The doors should have been locked by the driver and checked by the dispatcher when the seal was applied. If this load was on it’s way to a facility from a bulk mailer, then the USPS is not at fault. It becomes postal responsibility once the load is dropped at the sorting facility.

  3. The employees are saying it was a contract driver for Fed Ex taking mail to the Memphis, Tn Fed Ex Hub. Were was the lock and seal.

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