PMG Wants to Reduce Customers Wait In Line Time At Post Offices

Postal clerks will stop holding up the line with all those questions when you mail something.

Some questions will still be needed for security reasons, but clerks no longer have to run through a litany of whether each customer wants a return receipt or insurance or other special services.

It was like “Do you want fries that that?” Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe said Friday, and it wasted time and slowed lines.

“Lines at post offices are a major issue for me,” Donahoe said at a briefing before being sworn in as the nation’s 73rd postmaster general.

Donahoe said another step to easing the lines is encouraging people to do more postal business away from post offices, such as buying stamps online or at retailers.

Already, he said, about 35 percent of retail postal business is conducted outside of the agency’s official offices.

Reductions will continue, said Donahoe, who is currently planning to cut 7,500 administrators and supervisors, or about 20 percent of the administrative staff.

via Associated Press

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One thought on “PMG Wants to Reduce Customers Wait In Line Time At Post Offices

  1. How dare you! ALWAYS finding a way to BLAME CRAFT, for LACK OF LEADERSHIP! Even the BLIND can see what the PROBLEM is “NO STAFF” if you have 50 people in line and only 1 window clerk, do you really think what is holding up line is asking them if they want a receipt is the REAL PROBLEM? WAKE UP! MR. NEW PMG DONAHOE! You need MORE WINDOW CLERKS (just in case you didn’t know the answer) STOP CUTTING CRAFT EMPLOYEES! WE DO ALL THE WORK! TO MAKE THE USPS RUN! Take a look around YOU, that’s where the CUTS NEED TO BE MADE, FROM THE “TOP” the people who NEVER TOUCH/WORK the MAIL!!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED! STOP MAKING CUTS TO SERVICE, like Potter did and closing windows EARLY! We CAN’T GET REVENUE IF WERE NOT OPEN!!!! WHERE ARE THE BLUE COLLECTION BOXES AT? PUT THEM ALL BACK! WE ARE A “SERVICE” REMEMBER….

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