USPS To Offer Early Retirement

PMG Pat Donahoe has announced a new senior management structure representing a flatter, leaner organization with the flexibility to more quickly adapt to coming changes.

Donahoe also said:

“The Executive Leadership Team and I have worked collaboratively with many others to create a smaller, more efficient structure that will empower senior executives with authority and provide the resources necessary to lead significant change.”

There are organizations that do not continue under the structure announced today and the total number of officer positions has been reduced by six. The structure establishes a small number of new positions, and reflects changed reporting relationships.

Donahoe said the changes provide a more integrated focus toward accomplishing the key USPS strategic goals of strengthening the business-to-consumer channel; improving the customer experience; competing for the package business; and becoming a leaner, faster and smarter organization. The PMG and Executive Leadership Team have been working since early December to develop the structure.

“Today’s actions and announcements are the beginning of a much larger process that will involve every organization within the Postal Service,” said Donahoe.

“As we continue our restructuring, we anticipate that a reduction in force (RIF) and a voluntary early retirement (VER) process will be initiated by the end of this fiscal quarter,” said Donahoe. “We will provide as much information as we can and will be as transparent as possible about goals and objectives throughout this time.”

Donahoe said he understands that changes like those announced today are difficult for many people. “I thank all employees for continuing to do a great job delivering for America,” he said. “It’s imperative that we all help the Postal Service continue its evolution as a forward-thinking, fast-acting company capable of providing quality products and services for customers — and a welcoming, diverse, professional work place.”

A full organizational chart will be shared within the next few months, according to Donahoe, and he committed to employees to keep all levels of the organization informed as the Postal Service moves forward.

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  1. , look the best thing to do is to prepare, save ,invest ,get out of debt and retire . i am 57 and going back to tech school to learn something meaning ful . if you pissed away your money and are deep in debt grow a damned backbone and realize you f ked up . stop blaming the world you sound like a liberal. going this time with any decent incentive. time to start a new adventure that most p.o. employees will not have the chance to do why because you are institutionalized. live with it .

  2. 430 stops are you serious?Icarry in northern Indiana where we’ve had over 50 inches of snow this month already!my route has 750 stops,288 walking,462 driving and is 28miles long!Where do you live,I want a transfer

  3. What they should do is all CSRS who are 55 and over and have 10 years or less to retire the full 80%. It works for me if you really think about it.

    The postal service will save in the long run they do not have to pay benefits, they will be rid of most of the higher paid employees and if we end up with a freeze in pay then why not go now.

  4. V is for voluntary. So 2% deduction for every year your short in age. They are not going to waive this deduction, even if there is cash, or added years in the offer. At this time, unfortunatlly this is looking more and more like a EAS only event. Good luck to all.

  5. without the supplementary ss check its not worth it to go for fers employies. i have 27 years give me 3 yrs and my supplementary check and goodbye!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @spider john
    >>”I’ve been a branch president for 12 years.”
    And I’m sorry to hear that. If your posts are indicative your critical thinking, you owe your branch members an apology, not me. And they’re the ones that should be offended.

    >>”It sounded to me like u were union bashing!”
    Then you obviously weren’t paying attention and confused my post with several others.

    >>”That fat check, and all the benefits YOU enjoy”
    You mean that fat check *I* EARN? You’re right for once. I do enjoy the fruits of MY labor.

    >>”were fought for, and won by your brother’s and sister’s in our union.”
    That would be my brothers’ and sisters’ union that is supported by MY 42 years of union dues.

    >>”Please don’t tell me your one that enjoys the fruits, but does’nt pay the dues?”
    Again you jump to an incorrect conclusion and apparently only to cast aspersions. Nice work, Prez.

    >>”You see they love to see us argue and fight within the ranks”
    Useless rhetoric.

    >>”We as union members, need to now more than ever, support each other.”
    More useless rhetoric. What we *need* to do is fight management when they are wrong, and not waste time, effort, and dues fighting them when they’re right.

    >>”I realize sometimes it’s hard to keep your thoughts in check.”
    That’s mighty big of you. But this *is* a “speak your mind” place, is it not ? But you want me to keep my thoughts in check? What are you afraid of? That’s pure BS.

    >>”Look, I’ll be the first to agree there are some who do less for more, and more for less. That’s not new! People are different, some slow, some fast.”
    And that’s not at all what I’m talking about. I’m talking about employees who just don’t do their job. They take that fat check and LEAVE the work for somebody else. Being a union member doesn’t entitle them. I pay dues too.

    Management is no better. It’s their job to manage, and most of them don’t seem to be competent. So we get bad employees back after being separated.

    >>”we should be a little more in tune with one’s own world, and not one’s co-worker.”
    That’s a huge load of crap. If a co-worker’s poor work ethic is responsible for me having to do more, then I’m certainly not going to “control my thoughts”. Bad management is also responsible when they fail to institute corrective action. And don’t sell yourself short here. ANYBODY who says “let’s not fight among ourselves because it makes management happy” is just deflection. That’s more BS.

    A large part of the public feel that we, Labor, are overpaid and incompetent. Missed DC scans, mis-deliveries, high prices, long delivery times, and other problems make us look bad. Employees are being excessed. And Management needs to manage better. And part of that is making poor employees into good ones or failing that- getting rid of them. That’s our world and we need to be in tune with that.

    >>”Or just maybe the private sector would be a better fit for that type of individual!”
    Well, the private sector would certainly be an eye-opener for those who like to get that fat check and try do as little as possible or nothing to collect it. Government employment is apparently a good fit for that type of individual, as well as for those of us who actually like doing our job and take pride in our work.

  7. Re: ” Takin’ care of business” I’ve been a branch president for 12 years. I’m sorry if u were offended. It sounded to me like u were union bashing! If that sounded strange saying ” one of mine” in referance to one of MY branch members, well I hope it’s now clarified for u. One thing still bothers me! That fat check, and all the benefits YOU enjoy , were fought for, and won by your brother’s and sister’s in our union. Please don’t tell me your one that enjoys the fruits, but does’nt pay the dues? You see they love to see us argue and fight within the ranks, it deflects the focus off them. We as union members, need to now more than ever, support each other. I realize sometimes it’s hard to keep your thoughts in check. Look, I’ll be the first to agree there are some who do less for more, and more for less. That’s not new! People are different, some slow, some fast. some have physical issues that hamper thier performance! All I’m saying, we don’t know the reson for everyone abilities, and unless we’re the one’s writing the ” fat checks” we should be a little more in tune with one’s own world, and not one’s co-worker. Or just maybe the private sector would be a better fit for that type of individual!

  8. 3 years added to retirement + $25,000 will pull my plug. This is what it will take to reduce the workforce. How about is USPS?

  9. I think the point many fail to see is that the USPS has been failing for decades. The abuse and neglect of necessary checks and balances that normal businesses use would have put us under years ago. We have to become profitable. Many have pipe dreams of what they are owed and what incentive they need to leave. If you, continuing to work for the postal service, are not an asset but a punishment for not “rewarding” you to get out, then stay. The way things are going, you will eventually be gone without any incentive. Too many people work for the postal service with a me mentality and that’s why we are in the straights today. This is not to say that there are not many excellent workers here but the slackers ruin the good and the union shop makes it too easy to abuse the benefits.

  10. @Snterp: Military time doesn’t count toward your postal career….unless you do a buyback. Once you buy back your military time, the total years are added to your postal time and counts towards your postal retirement. But the longer you wait to do a buyback, the more it will cost you.

  11. what is the latest from the rumor mill on early retirement and incentives 4o yrs and ready to go my legs are starting to go that ‘s a lot of walking Show me the Money!!

  12. there’s so many rumors… i hope they put something on the table that really gives an incentive to take an early out… they’d down size and have lower salary jr. carriers…

  13. JOSE did u ever hear the saying, ” not only am i 10 yrs older, i’m also 10 yrs slower” . obviously these ‘old timers’ r doin what the POSTAL SERVICE n the UNION agreed appond or they’d have stuff added to there routes… if u feel like u need 2 run, RUN!! but don’t fault someone for doing his job the way the agreement says… by the way… go back to the marines if your so tuff… they need a few good men…

    KIM move to another country n pay $1.80 for a first class letter. then complain. UPS has NEVER lost or damaged a parcel yet(not)!! never heard a complaint bout them(not)..use them… i’m sorry u lost packages… but those packages r also handled by non-postal employees also.(airline handlers, private carriers who transport our packages) we have a service where u r guarnateed ur money back… known as “insured”.. if i ever mail anything of importance, it’s INSURED…

    PAUL r u saying privitization?? u better do ur home work if u think thats goin 2 work… small towns are goin 2 b charged $1.50 to mail a letter n bigger cities who can make profits will only charge $.60… makes sense 2 me.. also NO free forwarding if u move… sounds good to me…

    i truly think DOIS n these MSP scans have destroyed us… i use to b able 2 run my ass of n help a fellow carrier n still show 8 hrs. n NO ONE would know i did that.. now DOIS tells me i suck everyday n MSP scans want 2 know why it took more time to carry a relay today then yesterday… but management can set at the computer all day long looking to c what type of car they want 2 buy…. DUH??? but then i return 7 min. OT and get a PDI… guess i searched the FORD site to long that day n lost track of time…

  14. The Postmaster General announced the early retirement/rif’s early for a reason: Many of management(except those eligible for immediate retirement )will receive a severance pay of up to 52 weeks. This will allow them to bypass paying an incentive(or a small incentive) for early outs to craft employees. Management takes care of management.

  15. @spyder john: “Quite the rant!”

    Who are you talking to? Since you didn’t bother to specify, it looks like you were responding to my post, so…

    Not at all a “rant”. Just objective observations from a career of experience.

    >>”Are you sure your not the best carrier in the world? Sounds like one of mine.”
    One of yours? Do you own people? That sounds like most supervisors I’ve seen over the years. You’ve *already* erroneously jumped to conclusions like so many of them do.

    >>”He runs to mgmt every chance he gets to backstab one of his own.”
    That type of statement is typical of poor supervisors who want to avoid getting involved in supervising and just pick up a check. Not to mention you can’t really backstab somebody who does their job.

    >>”Talks crap about everyone, but never to thier face.”
    >>”Not saying your like him, I don’t know you from adam.”
    Well you said “Are you sure your not the best carrier in the world? Sounds like one of mine.” So it looks like you *are* saying I AM like him.

    And you *don’t* know me from Adam. If you’re a crap employee whose poor work ethic affects what I have to do, then I’ll tell you straight up what a POS you are, and I don’t care who hears. No rants, no exaggeration, just chapter and verse how you don’t pull your weight but collect that fat check. If management (or you) did their job, you wouldn’t hear word one from me.

    >>”You do realize there are people in all work places who have poor work ethic?”
    You do realize that’s wholly irrelevant since I only work for one place- the USPS. But in the private sector, it’s much easier to deal with crap employees who have a poor work ethic. USPS Management all too often fails to deal correctly with poor work performance. This results in separated employees getting their job back, back pay and benefits, solely because they screwed up the process. And it certainly damages the morale of those who *do* work for a living.

    >>”Disrepect, and insubordination are not created and maintained postal employees!”
    Ok, that sentence just doesn’t make any sense. But I will say that bad Management fails to deal properly with disrespectful and insubordinate employees, it fosters an atmosphere of same, which will eventually affect other though not all employees. And both Management and labor can “create and maintain” those two character flaws.

    >>”And heaven forbid you have a workplace injury, too much crow for one man to eat!”
    Now that makes even less sense than your previous statement.

    If you were responding to someone other than me, feel free to ignore this post. But a smart guy like you can see how the confusion occurred.

    And by now you realize that your PM doesn’t have a lot of respect for you. But he probably had a good laugh.

  16. i must be stupid or something,but how,if you sign a contract with with your employer to retire,how can it take 6-12 months for them to start paying your retirement,can somebody explain that to me,what do you mean have a nice bank account,ive had a couple of friends retire with the last year and they started receiving their checks within a month,what gives?

  17. Postal Management is full of crooks, liars, dumbasses, losers, idiots, and scumbags.
    Really you sound like all the above!! Up at that hour weirdo!

  18. The PMG needs to start with the management team that openly violate the Civil Rights Act of 1967 especially at the Incoming Mail Facility, 961 Corporate Blvd, Linthicum, MD 21090 it is a shame and a disgrace the way this particular facility is being operated. Cut the cost of winnable grievances, Merit Protection Board and EEO cases. Get Rid of Management that clearly do not do their jobs and have personal opinions that do not involve processing and delivery of the mail. The mail at this facility is being processed over and over again to gain false number. Do not think this is only happening at this facility “THIS IS A PROBLEM HAPPENING IN ALL 50 STATES” STOP ABUSIVE MANAGERS THEY ARE THE REAL REASON THE SHIP IS SINKING…

  19. Make me a REAL offer, and I WILL leave early. Try this. Supplement pay figured at full SS retirement age and paid until reaching that age. 1.5 years credit for each year served, up to a max total of 35. One years salary, tax exempt. 100% healthcare and dental insurance. We can dicker alittle, but rember that by leaving early, I am giving up a 5% matching contribution (and it’s compounding) to my TSP every year. Pay me well now or pay me more later, lets make a deal…………

  20. Today is 1/13/11 My P.M. told me the VER will be announced in the A.M. tomorrow! He also said, he heard it’s for EAS only! I pray he’s just messing with me.

  21. Wow!!! Quite the rant! Are you sure your not the best carrier in the world? Sounds like one of mine. Carriers that is. His nickname is Superstar. He runs to mgmt every chance he gets to backstab one of his own. Talks crap about everyone, but never to thier face. And is the first one to want to file a greivance does’nt approve his 3996.Not saying your like him, I don’t know you from adam. You do realize there are people in all work places who have poor work ethic? Disrepect, and insubordination are not created and maintained postal employees! And heaven forbid you have a workplace injury, too much crow for one man to eat!

  22. As an employee CSRS employee of 42 years, let me explain the concept of VER, which some of you don’t understand.

    USPS management wants to reduce the number of employees as quickly as possible. One way is to allow them to retire early. Any employee that retires is a plus for Management. They would rather have the highest paid employees retire, but they’ll take what they can get. There is no advantage for them to offer an incentive to employees not eligible for retirement over those that already are.

    Unless somebody has a better offer waiting, very few want to leave the USPS in this economy. Without some kind of incentive, VERs will not meet USPS expectations. That doesn’t mean there *will* be an incentive offered. I’ll be very surprised if there is, and stunned if it’s the *rumored* $25,000. That just doesn’t seem likely.

    The alternatives to VERs are- disciplinary separations and lay-offs of junior employees (less than six years of service). A lot of Management is too incompetent to successfully get rid of bad carriers/clerks/custodians, etc. They fail to take proper corrective action and the employee gets their job back with back pay.

    And it looks like some of those who were NRP’ed are coming back. They will be entitled to back pay, annual leave, and sick leave- rightfully so. Another bad play on Management’s part.

    As a senior employee, I do my job. How do I know I earn my pay? Because management has me do the work of those who *don’t* to their job. It’s easier than actually being a leader and supervising, to find someone who’s competent and get the job done. Standard Management M.O. They pay for that mistake in many ways, my paycheck being just part of it.

    It seems that right around 25yrs of service, a lot of employees become Holier Than Thou and knight themselves as Key Personnel who single-handedly carry the Postal Service on their back. That’s a load of crap. Singly, none of us matters in any aspect. We leave, eventually somebody takes our place, and we’re forgotten. Good, bad, life goes on.

    You either do your job or you don’t. That’s the type of person you are. Management has to do their own job- manage employees that need it, i.e. those who *don’t* do the job. But most aren’t qualified to do that.

    Leadership starts at the top. The Postmaster needs to ensure the support staff does its job. If that doesn’t happen, everybody suffers. Some just care less than others.

    Very few places outside the Postal Service would put up with the disrespect, insubordination, and poor work ethics that have become so pervasive in the Postal Service.

    That is finally coming around to bite the USPS in the ass.

  23. Really!! Sorry Union officials who fight for sorry ass carriers and clerks to keep their jobs after stealing, not coming to work abusing SL and sloppy work.
    If you hate your job quit stupid!! Find another comapny who will NOT put up with disrespect insubordination, and horrible work ethics.

    You Won’t!! Quit no one wants you here anyway!

  24. I would like to say that spyderjohn’s comment on Jan 12, 2011 at 3:06 PM is on target. I believe the Postmaster will be targeting the CSRS for sure. That was a good observation by spyderjon.

  25. I fully agree with Jose’s comments on Sunday 9th, 2011 made at 7:12 AM. It is the older people like me that have 40 years of service and want to get the maximum retirement as we were promised when we made oath upon entering the Postal Service years ago. I have 40 years of service and a total of 2104 hours of S/L that gives me one more year of service. I would like to reach the 82% maximum retirement benefit with my S/L hours and it will take me another three years. However, if I’m offered a good buy out or time in service, I have no reason to wait causing more financial burden to the Postal Service. It’s us, the CSRS that are most expensive to the USPS. For each CSRS employee that leaves, the USPS can get two or three new employees’ for the price of one.

  26. I talked to my union president 2 days ago. Today is 1-12-11 He said to me that NALC and management are working on a early out package for Carriers with incentives ? No carrier that i know of is going to retired with a bad economy without some type of incentive. No incentives ? Am working 4 more years. He told me , stand by . You will hear more soon.

  27. To modern man. First and foremost, This is speculative, although it be from a person in mgmt I halfway respect. please keep in mind there are many rumors floating out there. My take on the ( rumored ) offer in question was. No cash for anyone! Those who the USPS deemed elgible, would be maxed out at 80%. ( 41 years 11 months ) In HIS words, ” Look’s like they’re targeting CSRS” He did’nt say mgmt only. It’s good to believe that what ever comes, will be for you, and me. But untill that day comes, and you know for sure how and if it affects you, we’re all like kid’s at Christmas. To CAV0903: I would like to ask yourself a couple of questions. Your the new PMG! Your loosing 280 million dollars a day. Congress won’t let you stop the prefunding. The rate commission won’t give you a rate increase. And the unions are blockiing 5-day delivery. How canI, the new PMG cut he losses? Also your tasked to eliminate 85 thousand jobs this fisical year? VER might work, Yes, getting rid of middle mgmt. But also, clerks, rural, and city carriers who are maxxed out in pay and leave earnings. Bringing in new, at half the cost. That just might be the ticket!!!

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