NAPUS: Suspension of Postmaster Convention Leave to Continue

NAPUS President Bob Rapoza has received a response from Postal Service Vice President of Labor Relations, Doug Tulino, concerning our discussions on Postmasters’ convention leave for 2011. Mr Tulino said that Postmasters’ convention leave, as outlined in Section 519.62 of the Employee and Labor Relations Manual) (ELM) will continue to be suspended through FY2011.

Mr Tulino said that the convention leave cost the Postal Service more than $4 million dollars in 2008 and more than $12 million for the 3 preceding years. He also cited the $8.5 billion dollars loss the Postal Service faced in FY2010 as another reason to continue the suspension of the leave. He assured NAPUS that the Postal Service will continue to authorize Postmasters annual leave to attend conventions.

Charlie Moser

source: NAPUS