Holiday Message From the Postmaster General Pat Donahoe

Donahoe Thanks Employee For Delivering Service, Trust, Customer Satisfaction

Patrick DonahoeLooking ahead, PMG Pat Donahoe says he believes 2011 will become a landmark year that moves the Postal Service in a new direction — one that will help USPS get back to profitability.

Thanking employees for their hard work in 2010, Donahoe says that everyone — working together — next year will focus on “moving our business to the next level. We’re going to have to focus on the things we can control.” These include strengthening the business-to-customer channel; improving the customer experience; competing for more package business; and becoming a leaner, faster and smarter organization (Link, 12/7).

“For now, do your job the best you can over the holiday season to meet and exceed customer expectations. They’re depending on all of us,” says Donahoe, wishing all employees a wonderful, safe holiday season and a healthy new year.

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  1. Start by thinning out your herd of management……….Really, a PM in every office in the nation???? What the Hell is a POOM anyway?

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