Letter: Postal Workers Salaries Are Not Paid By Taxpayers

Letter submitted to USA Today:

I would like to dispel a myth about the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) perpetuated with a recent letter in USA TODAY and to explain the value of Saturday delivery (“Before freezing federal pay, try cutting other expenses,” Letters, Dec. 3).

Many people believe that letter carriers’ and Postal Service salaries come from federal tax dollars. But the Postal Service is self-supporting. No federal tax dollars support the operations, salaries or benefits of letter carriers. The USPS is funded by postage revenues and the sale of other products and services.

full letter from Linda Kirby, president; National Association of Letter Carriers Auxiliary via USA Today

2 thoughts on “Letter: Postal Workers Salaries Are Not Paid By Taxpayers

  1. PRIVITIZE THE USPS, they have the public believing that, The USPS is TOTALY FUNDED by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT “TAXES” so that they can “PISS” people off!!! and that we make TONS of $$$$$ what a joke, only HEADQUARTERS and TOP MANAGEMENT make the BIG BUCKS!!!!

  2. I can`t tell you the number of times in my postal career as a Letter Carrier that an uniformed, ignorant customer has told me how they pay my salary. I also always hear how all postage increases go directly into our pockets.

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