Editorial: USPS Should Focus On Listening To Voice Of Customers

An Editorial by Lisa W. Hershman, the CEO of Hammer and Co., seems to promote “Voice Of the Customer” business concept in addressing USPS challenges.

As troubled government bureaucracies go, the United States Postal Service has long resided at or near the top of the list. In some ways, it’s an unfair criticism. Many of the structural problems with the USPS can be blamed on another bureaucracy, the U.S. Congress.

But this doesn’t get the USPS entirely off the hook. Long lines, poor service and byzantine rules characterize most Americans’ experience with their local Post Offices. Moreover, the USPS has the power to fix these breakdowns–all it has to do is integrate basic business process techniques.

Many of USPS’ problems aren’t unique. Our firm worked with another national postal service that was plagued with errors, outdated technology, bureaucratic practices and glacial change. It recognized the need to reconnect and better align itself with its customers. One of its customers’ biggest complaints was long lines. Surveys revealed that when sending a package, customers didn’t know what the differences were between “Regular Parcel,” “Express” and “Priority.” They would wait to get to the counter to ask and then fill out the proper forms. So a simple, yet ground-breaking, change was made.

Obviously the USPS has many challenges. But taking simple steps like this–listening to the voice of the customer–will help the bottom line before larger problems can be addressed by Congress. Donahoe has some big challenges ahead of him. His first should be putting in place the practices and processes that lead to happy customers.

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3 thoughts on “Editorial: USPS Should Focus On Listening To Voice Of Customers

  1. without devine intervention, the u s postal service will never honestly
    address the customers concerns. postal management WILL give lip
    service to customer service and pretent they really give a ****, while
    continuing to make policy changes that screw over the customer like
    cutting window clerks hours and removing vending machines from
    postal lobbies so customers HAVE to wait in long lines. the general
    public dosen’t understand that post office is managed by a bunch of incompetent, unethical morons who really have not been accountable to
    anyone for their behavior, policies, and decision making. they are a greedy
    bunch of lazy idiots who are only interested in their own pay and keeping
    “the good ole boys” network of sleazy behavior hidden from the general
    public. i think this statistic sums up the moral compass of the u s postal
    services management personnel. the last four years the usps has lost
    well over 15 BILLION dollars! during this same period, postal management
    has authorized “pay-for-performance” bonuses each year and every year
    for “good ole boy” managers from supervisor on up. and some of you thought
    that greedy, unethical slime only worked on wall street.

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