APWU Contract Talks Continues

Contract talks between the APWU and Postal Service have continued throughout the week and are ongoing, President Cliff Guffey has reported. “We are pursuing our goals,” he said. “We want job security for our members, and we want to lessen the disruption our members suffer as a result of excessing.” The parties also are discussing wages, benefits, and issues related to workforce structure.

“We are determined to negotiate a contract that is beneficial to our members and to the USPS,” he said. “If we are unable to reach an agreement that is fair to postal workers, we are prepared to proceed to arbitration.”

The parties are expected to continue discussions on Friday, Dec. 10.

4 thoughts on “APWU Contract Talks Continues

  1. Your union reps not helping you. They sit in their offices and collect free extra pay. Especially the Western Region Rep. What is being done to rid them idiot supervisors? Talk, talk, talk, waste of time. Unions are the reason the country in shambles.

  2. Too many managers for low amount of mail. Too many bonuses. Too many unions backing the democrats that DO nothing, but voted in a very unqualified person to be your president. Who to think an unqualified black man can run this country, except run it to the ground like the management in the USPS. Get rid of them cousins and aunts and uncles that got promoted in the USPS, them brain less wonders that are all brain less and runs in their family.

  3. What they need to do, is to lock them up in a room, overheated, with only hot, spicy chili with lots of beans for food. I’d bet they would do anything to escape the room!

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