APWU Contract Negotiations Resume

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Contract negotiations between the APWU and the Postal Service resumed Nov. 29, with a Dec. 1 deadline fast approaching. Talks will continue on Nov. 30.

The union and management discussed returning subcontracted work to USPS employees and issues related to workforce structure, as well as pay and benefits. “The APWU is seeking an agreement that will benefit our members and the Postal Service,” APWU President Cliff Guffey said.

The 2006-2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement was scheduled to expire on Nov. 20, but the union and management agreed to extend it twice – first to Nov. 23, and then to Dec. 1.

The union will continue to provide frequent updates on bargaining table. For the latest news, please visit www.apwu.org often. Members are also encouraged to follow the union on Twitter and Facebook to receive up-to-the-minute alerts by e-mail or text message.

2 thoughts on “APWU Contract Negotiations Resume

  1. Sir,
    If postal management’s proposals are accepted the Postal Service will be privatized and turned into a low paid, transient job. When that happens the safety and security of the mail will be gone for good.
    In addition, one of the last of the decent middle class jobs will no longer exist. How does the ruling hierarchy of the country expect to keep a consumer driven economy going when they out-source and downgrade all the middle class jobs?
    Naturally, Congress will keep getting their raises (6% this year) like clockwork as they vote for themselves.

  2. Cliff Guffey is just a nice guy. He negotiates for an agreement that will benefit everyone. He should draw his salary from the US Treasury.

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