NAPS Members Unhappy With USPS Reduction Of Management Positions During Holiday Season

From the National Association of Postal Supervisors  letter To Deputy Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe:

We continue to receive negative feedback from the field concerning the continuation of reductions to the number of EAS field positions during the heart of the 2010 Holiday Season.

While we are cognizant of the current financial and structural challenges facing the USPS,however,staffing disruptions within the management ranks at the most imporant time of the calendar year is disconcerting to our members and could only serve to add additional challenges on top of the ones we are already facing

Our concern is that simply that our folks in the field will be asked to do more with less. Considering the strained nature of our workforce and infrastructure it would be unwise in
my opinion and the opinion of our membership to potentially jeopardize our ability to meet our Universal Service Obligation.

NAPS believe that it is in the best interest of all parties that these initiatives be delayed until at the conclusion of the holiday season. This would give us the opportunity to adjust
our workforce in a more methodical manner without having to deal with the additional task of managing our highest traffic time of the year.

The VOE survey is promoted by the organization to take the pulse of the entire postal Workforce. It seeks employee feedback regarding eight specific dimensions that are deemed crucial to successful processing and delivery operations All sides agree that a successful and meticulous completion of this survey allows the postal Service to fulfill the principles which were laid out when the evaluation process was first implemented.

If the USPS elects to initiate an organizational change that would impact the our service at a critical time of year, the transition itself may very well impede the very goals the
Postal Service has advocated for since the inception of the survey.

I feel that a more methodical and focused approach allows us to continue our ability to deliver top-flight service while allowing for a more detailed analysis of our workforce
and what adjustments can be made to ensure we have the most efficient operation possible. This in my opinion would be the most prudent course of action for all involved.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter

Louis Atkins

Read full letter to Deputy Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe

8 thoughts on “NAPS Members Unhappy With USPS Reduction Of Management Positions During Holiday Season

  1. As for 204Bs? How and why do we still have them in Omaha PD&C occasionally, when we’re excessing clerks?

  2. From what I hear management abuses the pay and travel by filling in for someone(detail) and then someone fills in for that position. From what I hear it is a big round robin while they all get travel and Hotel and food allowance. We wont even go into the Bonus by management.

  3. That’s what they want the carriers and clerks to do. We had 5 carriers retire and they didn’t rehire a TE, no replacements for them, yet we are supposed to perform the same amount of work in the same amount of time. Doesn’t add up. Get rid of as many of them as possible, we don’t need them.

  4. Get rid of at least 75% of them, most of them are “worthless” anyway!
    Ha,Ha, Ha, Quit your damn whining, and get back to work! it’s nothing personal, it’s just business, isn’t that what you always tell craft? it’s the NEEDS OF THE SERVICE!! CARMA BABY, What goes around, finally in coming back around. (LOVE IT)

  5. Maybe, just maybe if you place all those thousands of 204b’s back into their craft positions your problems would be solved. HOLD IT!!!!….that makes sense…FUGADABOUTIT!

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