NALC: Congresswoman Virginia Foxx’s Tasteless And Demeaning Comments About Postal Workers

During a November 18 House debate, North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-5th) engaged in an anti-union screed that lasted several minutes.

After attacking the pay and benefits of federal workers, she said that they also have too much job security. “Short of shooting up a post office,” Foxx said, “government workers rarely get fired or laid off.”

“Foxx’s statements about unions are factually wrong and her reference to workplace shootings in post offices was tasteless and demeaning to hard-working postal employees,” National Association of Letter Carriers President Fredric V. Rolando said. “Her comments were morbidly disrespectful to those postal employees and their families who have been the victims of shootings.

“Also, it is a myth that poorly performing federal workers—much less those that commit crimes—never get fired,” he added. “But workers facing dismissal or discipline have every right to union representation. The unions that represent federal workers make no apologies for providing this representation and ensuring fairness in the workplace.

“I have written Representative Foxx and demanded an apology, and the NALC will engage the media in her congressional district to expose her outrageous comments,” Rolando said.

The president also encourages members who live in Rep. Foxx’s district to write and/or call her district office to express your concerns over the negative and inaccurate image of federal workers that she tried to project.

The Honorable Virginia Foxx, 6000 Meadowbrook Mall, Suite 3, Clemmons, NC 27012, Phone toll-free (866) 677-8968

source: National Association of Letter Carriers

17 thoughts on “NALC: Congresswoman Virginia Foxx’s Tasteless And Demeaning Comments About Postal Workers

  1. She must be talking about congress people since they are government workers and they have to die to lose there jobs and lets talk about benefits for members of congress ,,any late night pay increases for themselfs lately ?
    my health premiums are going up another 28 dollars every two weeks last year they went up like 64 dollars a pay period ,and i lost all my days off and work six days a week now for 6000 dollars less a year ???
    what the hell are these people talking about ?
    yet my post master works maybe three days a week if that and makes 70 thousand dollars a year ..
    this just sucks i wish these people had to do our job for at least one week with a holiday in it in either the summer when its 105 degrees or the winter where theres 6 feet of snow on the ground ? and remember every piece everyday they cant leave anything behind and they cant come in early and they had better be done before 5 p/m .
    oh and every day just for fun we will decide to change the rules you work under just because we feel like it .

  2. I agree with Sharon. Usually it’s the deadheads that cut the postal service down. Thank God that you have a job that you do in the postal service.

  3. Can’t believe when people write garbage like this!!!

    “This it to 1.J Jaskel on Sat, 20th Nov 2010 6:59 pm .
    The congresswoman speaks the truth. I can’t wait to get the hell out of the PO. What a bunch of freeloaders”

    You don’t have to wait. Just clear out your locker and go. If you hate it that much just quit and get the hell out. Oh, that’s right. You are one of the best workers and everyone else is the freeloaders. You shouldn’t have to give up such a great job. Right?? Wrong!! You need to go work for this wonderful Congresswoman Foxx. You sound like 2 of a kind.

  4. @Jhaskel IF you are Postal Employee and not some troll on this site…..LEAVE we do not need ignorant people like you in our ranks!!!!

    In regard to that fool Foxx she should be ashamed to say such things in light of the fact two hard-working employees were murdered in Tenn! Or the 2 men killed in the anthrax attack ! The many times that Postal workers have performed their jobs after natural disasters getting customers their mail. And the hundreds of thousands of employees that reported to work during the Unibomber reign of terror and delivered the mail. Everyone needs to write this fool and the Speaker (outgoing and incoming). As well as their person in Congress this is a disgrace and this piece of crap gets to mail Free!

  5. All of those Republicans are going come after the USPS full force, just wait and see, they don’t like us, and have ALWAYS wanted to PRIVATIZE the USPS… AS for that DUMB B!T@H she don’t care, once she LEAVES OFFICE, THE OLD HAG will be TAKEN CARE OF FOR LIFE!!! hopefully not very long… They ALL LIE when they are trying to get elected, and will say anything to get our VOTES, That’s why I will NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN, the (R) means they only care about the RICH, and the HELL with the rest of us.. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! you know WHY they want smaller Government? So they don’t have anybody watching them while they RIP OFF the COUNTRY, because THEY ARE (WALL STREET), and they CONTROL more then we think!! as long as they line their pockets, what do they care if WE HAVE A JOB!!! Their so STUPID, for some reason they think they can take it with them, WHEN THEY GO TO HELL!!!

  6. Sadly, I live on the edge of Foxx’s district in NC…we try every round to get rid of her, but the districts are set so that Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte are in a long, skinny district (so they won’t be in this one), which leaves just medium-sized Boone (a university town) in the 5th district to be left-leaning. The rest are small, rural towns which lean hard right. Nobody can un-seat her, because this part of the state is fairly xenophobic. I never run into anybody who likes her and everyone’s embarrassed by her. Here’s hoping we can still get rid of her in a couple of years…

  7. The congresswoman speaks the truth. I can’t wait to get the hell out of the PO. What a bunch of freeloaders.

  8. Just another asshole REPUBLICAN. I wonder how many idiots who live in her distrtict and work for the Post Office (or other federal agencies) voted for her, and will still vote for her?

  9. Talking about over paid. They vote for their own raises. And for a four year career, they sure get a good retirement package. And what really do they do for our economy. (Nothing). She should be at home in a rocking chair. She looks like she is over the hill.

  10. What an ignorant comment to make regarding Post Office shootings. She is obviously a misguided Republican who is in favor of 5-day delivery or less. A little research will show that there is less violence on the Post Office workroom floor than the average place of employment. To drudge up the past about a few isolated incidents is totally ignorant. Congresswoman Foxx sounds like a disgruntled employee who is anti union and pro idiots like Sean Hannity and the other cronies at Fox News!

  11. This woman’s ignorance is amazing. At this point an appology would be meeningless. And their is NOTHING honorable about this pathetic person. She needs some serious mental health help and the sooner the better.


  13. If she made those comments on the work room floor in a Post Office she would have been escorted out of the building for being a danger to her self or others.

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