Video: Former Postal Worker Talks About Customer’s Racial Tirade

HINGHAM (WBZ-TV CBS) — A racially-charged video has gone viral, and a former Hingham mailman says it cost him his job. Postal worker Hugson Jean made sure his cell phone camera was rolling when a customer launched into a tirade. “No one would believe me if I didn’t do this,” he told WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano. Jean claims he’d been subjected to verbal abuse from his supervisors because he was the only African American employed at the Hingham office.   This video, he believes, shows him to be a troublemaker, not a victim, in their eyes.

source: WBZ-TV Boston

One thought on “Video: Former Postal Worker Talks About Customer’s Racial Tirade

  1. What happened to ZERO TOLERANCE??? Nobody should have to be treated like that EVER, even by OUR CUSTUMERS! it’s bad enough that it goes on within the USPS.. This carriers STUPIDVISOR should be held ACCOUNTABLE for doing NOTHING, and just sweeping this part under the rug and FIREING HIM… It should be the other way around, SUPERVISOR FIRED FOR “LYING” It sounds like that whole station was RACIST!!!! FIRE THE POSTMASTER OF THAT STATION TOO!! SHAME SHAME ON YOU IDIOTS!

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