Postal Worker Fired After Customer’s Racist Rant And Assault?

Postal customer in Hingham, Mass. goes on racist rant after a Black letter carrier refused to take back a certified letter she had signed. The Postal customer later slapped the letter carrier. The letter carrier had secretly videotaped the entire episode on his cell phone and uploaded it to Youtube.

This woman is outrageous — I am still waiting for US Postal Inspection Service to investigate this matter. it has been a year since postmaster fired me for this racist lady, and Hingham court let her go free, no trial.



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  1. First of all why on earth did she sign for it I’m pretty sure one wud check da name before signing for anything second of all if the policy is dat u can not take it back den he did da rite thing if I was him I wud sue her for all dat crap she said its ppl like her why a lot of black ppl suffered in the past n for her information white ppl kill white too for instance Lincoln and JFK’s murderers hilter killed whites I think the post man did da rite thing he shud not b punished its her. I want to see what she does of the postal service puts another black person there or mayb a person (no matter the race) that will tell her off. This lady is ignorant and has very low self esteem for those things to come out her mouth.

  2. You folks are forgetting that this incident happened last winter (2009). Police were called to the incident. The woman is the babysitter of one of the police officers who responded to the assault. She was not arrested. His criminal
    complaint against her was dropped without explanation. He was fired. He appealed and has not been reinstated. This is why he posted these videos nearly a year later.

    Of course she felt safe following him out to his vehicle, sticking her arm in so that he couldn’t drive away, and berating and ultimately slapping him. She is well-insulated from the consequences of her behavior because she is well-protected by the officers who responded to the incident, and she obviously knew it. When you babysit for a cop, you can do just about anything you want.

    I almost feel sorry for that cop’s kids, but the officer must know what kind of garbage comes out of her mouth and doesn’t have a problem with his kids being exposed to it. Just goes to show ya, some people really are above the law.

  3. The postal carrier should have taken it back, since it was not address to here and the certified letter was not open yet. Of course, she could have scan/write on the certified letter REFUSE and mail it back, but not all customer knows that process and it is very easy to say that as a postal worker because we mark our letters all the time. Me as postal worker would take the letter back and just move on. The carrier actually provoke the situation by staying longer and discussing the issue with the customer. Although, it was also wrong for the customer to treat the carrier in a demeaning way.

  4. @ eric robinson While your definition of racism is correct, I feel the need to point out that the majority of skinheads are in fact, not racist. Nazi and racist skinheads are the minority of a larger subculture, mostly made up of S.H.A.R.P., or Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. As a black member of S.H.A.R.P., I can attest firsthand at the outrage of my white companions when it is assumed they are racist because of their choice of subculture.

    That being said, this women is indicative of just how sick American culture, and world culture is. People, of all races and ethnicities, that genuinely think race is anything but minor physical differences and a construct of society. We are all human beings, and the last thing we need is more divisiveness.

  5. Wow….I find it so interesting that she says something to the affect of “you niggers turn on/kill eachother”….so damn true. And yes, I’m black.

  6. This video saddened and infuriated me at the same time. First off as an earlier person commented on if u take a piece of merchandise back to a retail
    location and have no reciept and they refuse it you have no right to put your hands on anyone! Secondly our President has absolutely nothing to do with the actions of this woman or any other bigot whether they are White, Black, Asian, Latino
    or any other ethnicity. Racisim was here before he was elected and certainly will be there way after he is no longer in office. Thirdly take this scenario and place it in your local post office building she signs walks away from the counter then returns do you really think it would have played out the same? Absolutely not! Lastly this clearly high class woman spoke on intelligence and IQ’s mention her mothers work on the educational system clearly she lacked the same education
    or she would not have behaved as she did which only suceeded in
    proving the “N” word should never be used however the “N” word definitely know no color!! BTW love to take an IQ test for you
    sweetie!! I’m guessing your will be as about as
    low as that tacky house you live in! P.S. It’s white women like you that made
    my WHITE husband marry me pure disgust!

  7. It amazes me how ignorant some people are. Change starts with you. Calling a man a Nigger seemed so easy out of her mouth. A woman..her age…should know better. There are still naive people in this world and we are in 2010!!!… yes there are evil bitter no good ignorant immature etc etc etc people in the world…in EVERY race. But why let yourself be apart of that percentage. Why allow urself to take the easy road of even condonin this kind of behavior. Its a joke. Why should he have given back a letter she clearly signed for..its a damn certified letter…u look first. Whose fault is it?..His?..Why? Because she misread it supposedly? Black people killed MLK Jr?..thats the best comeback she could give? So Bennie Maydoff did what? Timothy McVeigh did what? Charles Manson? Ted Bundy?..come on now foks lets not pick and choose now. There are bad people in ALL races..get over it now.

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