Appeals Court Approves USPS Request To Expedite Rate Case Appeal Schedule

According the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has granted the USPS’s request  to expedite rate denial request case against Postal Regulatory Commission.

The court ordered the following:

Upon consideration of petitioner’s unopposed motion to expedite consideration and for an abbreviated briefing schedule, it is ORDERED that the following briefing schedule will apply in this case:

Petitioner’s Brief November 23, 2010

Appendix November 23, 2010

Respondent’s Brief January 14, 2011

Petitioner’s Reply Brief January 28, 2011

Joint briefs of intervenors, if any, are due on the same date as the briefs of the party they support.

All issues and arguments must be raised by petitioner in the opening brief. The court ordinarily will not consider issues and arguments raised for the first time in the reply brief.

The court reminds the parties that

In cases involving direct review in this court of administrative actions, the brief of the appellant or petitioner must set forth the basis for the claim of standing. . . .When the appellant’s or petitioner’s standing is not apparent from the
administrative record, the brief must include arguments and evidence establishing the claim of standing.

DC Circuit Court Of Appeals