APWU Must Fight for Our Future In Wake of Tough Congressional Elections

APWU Web News Article 122-2010, Nov. 3, 2010

Elections have consequences. The Republican Party gained control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s election, and it didn’t take long for Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA), who is expected to become chairman of the House committee with jurisdiction over the Postal Service, to elaborate on his plans.

Following his victory, in an interview with Congressional Quarterly, Issa vowed “to clamp down on government agencies he sees as wasting taxpayers’ money.” He outlined an agenda that includes cutting postal facilities and creating a commission to decide which facilities should be shut down.

“There are too many distribution centers, too many postal workers, too many post offices, and there’s a reluctance to make those changes,” Rep. Issa told CQ magazine.

“We face tough challenges, but the union will do everything possible to protect the interests of postal workers,” said Myke Reid, APWU Legislative and Political director. “Last night’s election makes that task very difficult, so it is imperative that we work together.”

3 thoughts on “APWU Must Fight for Our Future In Wake of Tough Congressional Elections

  1. In other words, the USPS does not waste any taxpayer’s money, because the USPS gets no taxpayer money!

  2. Once again, the USPS gets no tax dollars, so, while cuts mentioned by Issa may be necessary barring other changes, this won’t save one dollar of the taxpayer’s money, Don’t know if Issa knows this fact, since he frequently mentions cutting USPS jobs, wages, benifits and facilities etc, claiming it will save taxpayer’s money. A BIG LIE. What it might do is open the mailing industry even further for his fat cat friends, allowing them to profit on the American people, and paying the working man minimum wage.

  3. Congress messed the USPS around when they abdicated their duty by not setting the service up as a business when they declared it a Govt’ Corp. , now lets see if they are as good at fixing it as they were at ruining it !

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