USPS Employee Alert: Report Mail From Yemen To Postal Inspectors

Due to recent events involving packages shipped from Yemen by private courier companies, the Postal Service has temporarily suspended acceptance of inbound international mail originating from that country.

This service suspension has been issued in response to the potential threat posed by suspicious packages originating in Yemen.

To ensure the safety and security of postal employees and the American public, the Postal Inspection Service is requesting assistance from all USPS employees — in particular those in mail processing and delivery operations.

Postal employees are asked to identify and hold any mail that appears to have originated in Yemen. This mail could have a Yemeni return address, postmark or postage. If any mail originating from Yemen is discovered, employees are asked to notify their supervisor and immediately contact the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 (Option 2). A Postal Inspector will respond to the facility and conduct a risk assessment of the mailpiece.

It is important to note the Postal Service has not received any information indicating this mail is dangerous. These precautionary measures are being taken to protect USPS employees, customers and the mail.

The Postal Inspection Service is monitoring the situation and working with other federal law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of everyone associated with the U.S. Mail.

source: USPS News Link