USPS Wage, Benefit Proposal: An Insult To Postal Workers

Burrus Update #19-2010, Nov. 1, 2010

Contract negotiations took a dramatic turn today as postal management presented its economic proposal, which would establish employees’ wages and benefits for the next Collective Bargaining Agreement. Notwithstanding my expectation that management would seek to restrain costs, I was surprised to receive a USPS proposal that would destroy 20 years of progress.

Postmaster General Potter has said he intends to protect current employees by “grandfathering” their wages, and imposing lower pay and benefits on future employees. Management’s wage proposal reflects that objective: It would severely reduce the pay and benefits of employees hired after the signing of a new agreement, and would make postal jobs substantially less desirable.

Management’s proposal is just one step in the bargaining process, which requires additional intense negotiations — but it is not a good starting point.

Upon receipt of the proposal, I informed USPS negotiators that it is an insult to all postal employees who have dedicated their working lives to maintaining the best postal system in the world. There is zero possibility that the union will agree to wage cuts.

We hope that as bargaining proceeds, management will join us and engage in serious dialogue about the terms and conditions of a new contract. We have come too far to consider revisiting the past.

William Burrus

USPS Wage, Benefit Proposal: An Insult to Postal Workers.

9 thoughts on “USPS Wage, Benefit Proposal: An Insult To Postal Workers

  1. I dont agree with you Greg maybe 5 years ago the work force was riddled with lazy slow workers, but not anymore! Grow up! do you really think any union anywhere would have ever got a toe-hold in any state if the people or corperations had delt with or paid a fair wage to its employee’s? Look at the wages of the CEO’s they are not taking pay-cuts! They still make over 300 times what the average worker makes. If the Postal Service was really serious about saving money they would start cutting management first not the people who actually move the mail and generate the money!!! It goes back to if you are willing to work for less the corps or owners of companies will make you work for less because its called bussiness!!!! Greed is the cause of all our problems!!! It doesnt matter if its corprate greed or union greed it all works out the same!!!!

  2. How many of those lower paid, new hires are going to join the union that gauranteed that they will never make the same amount of money as the rest of us. This makes absolutely no sense, unless the union is suicidal

  3. I don’t give a rat’s ass about how badly “future” hires are paid. When was the last time they actually hired anybody? I’ve seen nothing but casuals for at least the last 5 years, comprised of useless bottom feeders that weren’t worth the $14 an hour they were getting, and a lot of them relatives of even more useless managers. Burrus is only worried about the reduced union withholdings which will finally lead to the demise of the APWU. It’s already broke, his golden chute notwithstanding, and should probably take immediate action to liquidate its rather substantial real estate holdings. So hell yes, grandfather my pay and benefits and let this sinking ship go down.

  4. Since we are not planning on hiring any new employees and with the elimination of custodians, it sounds like a good deal for the current employees.

  5. Gregory……a little wordy but I get your point. The union has and always will ‘cut their nose off to spite their face’.

  6. Mr. Burrus:

    The truth of the matter is simply this: our USPS worfforce is riddled with employees who routinely apply a mediocre standard to their every working minute because they know any disciplinary action taken against them will be fought by their union reps like a junkyard dog on crack… and, if you think this is NOT the case… let me assure you that I’ve heard these exact same words come from the mouths of my fellow emloyees as they boasted about their most recent greived settlement. And, BTW: I’m not in management… I’m a member of the rank-and-file.

    For TOO long, your union has ruled like a kind of vengeful Godfather, meting out justice as it sees fit, and pulling every string possible to ensure that union interests ALWAYS come first and foremost. Mr. Burrus, you strongly need to be reminded that the word “union” means to UNIFY – that your function is to create HARMONY in a contentious situation – regardless of who caused that contention. Instead: you and your union seek only to foment a separation from within and push an US vs. THEM attitude among your membership which only deepens the chasm that you and your union stewards actively promote.

    The hypocrisy that drips from your mouth as you accuse your detractors of sabatoging workfloor unity and contract negotiations would be laughable in the extreme were it not so disastrous in its outcome as it continues to erode our agency that once stood for something: seemingly tireless, dedicated workers who were committed solely to that noble phrase carved upon the facade of the NYC John Farley post office building. You remember it, don’t you? Linked to the great philosopher Heroditus, it begins, ‘…neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night…’ – I would pointedly remind you that the final words of that carving do NOT include the words, “…as long as the union approves.” Yet, this is precisely the attitude you and your membership choose to convey. So be it.

    But understand this, too: although like the many-headed Hydra [a mythical creature from Heroditus’ time] your union may be a forbidding, all-powerful and imagined entity of guardianship… there are still those among us out here on the workfloor that recognise you for what you truly are: a ruthless adversary whose only mantra is “MIGHT MAKES RIGHT” and to Hell with the outcome as it affects our agency as a whole. You certainly DON’T represent my concepts of ethics, honor and justice, and likely never will.

    -a FORMER union member.

  7. Democraps have screwed the country. Someone is going to give,,, if not the newbies it will be you! Grow up!

  8. It’s a fucking joke!!! Potter’s leaving Dec,3rd.. Pay new hires half our current wages.. After the post office excesses employees that won’t be able to pick up and move. Those employees will have to resign and when these old timers finally retire.. The only people left will be casuals and part-timers.. They’ll be under their percentage and ratios.. Management will have won!!! We can not approve this in all four of the unions… Clerks, mailhandlers and letter and rural carriers… And if the Republicans take control of the House and Senate.. The Post Office is soooooo Fucked!!!! Rep. Issa hates our guts!!!!! Vote DEMOCRATS….

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