Appeals Court Sets Schedule For USPS Appeal Of PRC’s Denial Of Rate Increase

The U.S. Postal Service on October 22, 2010 appealed the Sept. 30 ruling of the Postal Regulatory Commission denying the Postal Service exigent price request.

According to court records:

The United States Postal Service hereby petitions this Court for review of Order Number 547 of the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), issued on September 30, 2010, which denied the Postal Service’s request for exigent rate adjustments. The United States Court of Appeals For the District Of Columbia Circuit has set a preliminary schedule for submitting documents.

FURTHER ORDERED that respondent submit the documents listed below by the dates indicated.

Entry of Appearance Form November 29, 2010

Procedural motions, if any November 29, 2010

Certified Index to the Record December 13, 2010

Dispositive Motions, if any (Original and 4 copies) December 13, 2010

It is FURTHER ORDERED that briefing in this case be deferred pending further order of the court.