USPS ranks among brands Americans like best

Feeling the love

iPod, Google Search, Nintendo Wii, Disney Parks and JetBlue. In a recent survey, consumers ranked them among the brands they like best.

That may not be surprising. But in the 2010 survey — conducted by marketing research firm NewMediaMetrics — consumers say USPS is 15th-ranked among brands they find the most attractive. The Postal Service was unranked in 2009.

Nestled between BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows 7, USPS is named one of the top 60 products and services in the firm’s “Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit” (LEAP) Index. In an online survey, NewMediaMakers asked 3,500 Americans between the ages of 13 and 54 to rank on a scale of 0-10 the companies they liked based on their “emotional attachment.”

Consumers gave iPod — the LEAP Index top-scoring brand — a rating of 61.5 percent. The Postal Service received a score of 47.5 percent and is the only company among its competitors that cracked the list of top 60 brands.

“The most interesting aspect of this survey is it names brands that consumers say they are the least willing to give up,” said Kent Smith, manager, USPS Strategic Business Planning. “Considering that this was an online survey that included people as young as 13, we may still have opportunities to strengthen our connections with these market segments.”

source: USPS News Link – Oct 28, 2010.