New Burger King Commercial Featuring Mail Carrier Promoting Breakfast Platter

 New Burger King commercial featuring  Mail Carrier promoting breakfast platter. In the commercial the Mail Carrier sings, “With pancakes and eggs on my plate, the mail has to wait.” note: I saw this commercial on TV and thought it was in bad taste.


11 thoughts on “New Burger King Commercial Featuring Mail Carrier Promoting Breakfast Platter

  1. I think it would be funnier and more accurate If the commercial showed a burger king employee dropping a burger on the floor and then serving it to a customer.
    Too bad burger king has to abuse hard working Letter Carriers.
    I am boycotting Burger King. They made it clear. They don’ t want my business.
    Jerry Rapp
    Greenwood, IN

  2. Since the post office allows people to wait 6 months to a year to get their retirement checks. Maybe it is OPM that is really in this ad. Or. one of those executives at the Post Office that gets huge bonuses every time he screws up the Mail.

  3. Dalton, not a Postal logo, if it has nothing to do with the Postal Service “why are you talking about the Postal Service”.

  4. I am thinking if there are any Postal Employees looking at this we need to not eat at Burger King. This is total irresponsibility.

  5. Take a closer look this has nothing to do with anyone ‘approving’ this ad. This is not a Postal logo at all.

  6. Finally someone is trying to improve the postal image!! thank you BK, you could have showen a surly unwashed moron

  7. Somebody needs to be “FIRED” and this shouldn’t be aired, what the HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE @ HEADQUARTERS????

  8. Makes the USPS LOOK “BAD” with all of the CUTS that PMG Potter continues to make, our CUSTOMERS are already WAITING LONG ENOUGH!! And WHY are we PROMOTING Burger King? What the HELL are they doing for us?? besides makings us look BAD, who ever gave approval on this should be FIRED!

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