APWU: Second Early Out Payment Scheduled for Oct. 29

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Former postal employees who retired or separated from the Postal Service in 2009 as part of the negotiated Early Out Incentive agreement are entitled to receive an additional $5,000, tentatively scheduled for Oct. 29, 2010.

Those who participated in the retirement incentive program received $10,000 as part of the agreement in 2009. The final $5,000 payment is scheduled to coincide with the Pay Period 22 payroll.

Checks will be mailed with other paychecks from the Postal Data Center to the local office where eligible retirees were employed. Those who choose to retrieve their checks in person should contact the office in advance to determine where they should report. Those who prefer to have checks mailed to their current address should provide a written, signed request to the highest-ranking postal official at the installation where they were employed.

Retirees are encouraged to join the APWU Retirees Department to stay in touch with postal friends and retirees; learn more about retiree benefits and issues, and assure and protect benefits. To join, visit the Retirees Department Web page for an enrollment form, or download one at www.apwu.org/dept/retiree/retjoinform.pdf.

One thought on “APWU: Second Early Out Payment Scheduled for Oct. 29

  1. I got told today by my old postmaster that my incentive paycheck would be delayed due to weather. What the hell??? I thought it was signed by the union president himself that the date of OCTOBER 29 2010 for all seperated and retired employees to receive their second incentive pay!?!?!?!!!! Then I called shared services aka liteblue and human resources had NO CLUE of a delay. So what’s the story with all of this???

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