APWU: Advice Center Now Available for Retirees

Retirement decisions are among the most important — and daunting — that members can make. Now, navigating the paperwork and understanding retirement plans is easier, thanks to the APWU Retiree Advice Center.

Retired APWU members — or members who plan to retire in the near future — can now e-mail their retirement-related questions to RetireeAdviceCenter@apwu.org. The union’s expert team of retirement counselors will answer questions regarding military buy-back, disability retirement, Social Security, Medicare, part-time regular calculations, supplemental annuity, cost-of-living adjustments, reporting death claims, Windfall Elimination and Government Pension Offset, or any questions pertaining to retirement planning.

Members are also encouraged to visit the Retirees Department pages at www.apwu.org for updates on these issues.

Postal employees are encouraged to join the Retirees Department to stay in touch with co-workers and fellow retirees, and learn more about benefits and retirement issues. To do so, visit the Retirees Department pages for an enrollment form, or download it directly at www.apwu.org/dept/retiree/retjoinform.pdf.

One thought on “APWU: Advice Center Now Available for Retirees

  1. Are you really serious. For over 8 years you have been promising to get retirement checks out for retirees. Congress ignores the issue, the post masters keep getting huge bonuses and People have to wait 6 months or more to get their first retirement check. And no one answers the phone at OPM

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