Postal Employee’s USPS Official Personnel Folder Lost In the ?

USPS Can’t Find 27 Year Postal Employee’s Official Personnel Folder (OPF)

Several years ago USPS implemented a program to convert all paper personnel folders to electronic folders.

The Postal Service awarded the  contract to SOURCECORP BPS, Inc. to convert the files from paper to electronic as part of the Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) program.

USPS said that  “Implementation of the eOPF program will not only safeguard employee records but ultimately enable postal employees to have the same round-the-clock access to their records that private sector employees have come to expect.”

However one postal employee in the USPS Bay-Valley District does not have that “round the clock” access.

According to a Postalreporter reader:


USPS cannot find my co-worker’s  OPF, she has tried calling all around but they are giving her the run around. My co-worker said she is unable to pull it up on the LiteBlue page it is totally gone. Hopefully you might have some type of info that you can relay back to me for her help.

Does anyone have any info on how this 27- year Postal Employee can a copy of get her OPF?

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  1. To Glen, regarding your OPF no longer having a copy of your DD214. Back in the 1990’s the Inspection Service mandated ( or so I believe) that all DD214’s were to be removed from the OPF. A copy would remain in an investigative file which was a yellow folder that was made during the hiring process. Investigative files then went into archive after a few years. It was time consuming for those of us in HR to remove the DD214’s from the OPF. Now, years later, due to various audits, Vet Pref issues, retirements, etc, etc. now we must request the DD214 yet again. Very frustrating on both ends. A service member should always have copies at home or in their safety deposit box. You are allowed to use the USPS fax and copy machine so there is no need for any reimbursement. To those with no e-OPF records, local HR offices should have maintained a registered mail log when sending OPF’s for scanning and imaging while implementing e-OPF. I would ask to see the registered mail log where your OPF was sent. If it was not on the log, it never got sent to scanning and imaging. Yes, it stinks either way you look at it. PS—Nancy James is no longer the manager of the HR Shared Service Center. She got out!!!!!

  2. I was the record custodian at the northern virginia district. Shared Service in
    Greenboro NC and Eagan where your checks come from along with
    your local office is the only one can reconstruct your personnel file. Believe me
    I have help make so many that was lost. no results write to your congressman.

  3. there was plenty of information about eopf and everyone should have gotten a copy while yours was still in the local post office.

  4. I have had seven dealings with HHR Shared Services. On four out of the seven they got it wrong. Whe I requested my “Manager’s” help I was told….”You’ll just have to keep on calling.” I am as ashamed to work for USPS now as I was proud to work for the USPS 30 years ago.

  5. You can email Human resources at HRSSC BENEFITS/COMPENSATION or you can Nancy James who works in this department at her email address which is “James, Nancy F – Greensboro HR Shared Srv Cntr” . Hope this is helpful.

  6. I have a similiar problem I purchased mymilitary time back, over 10 years ago. I took painstaking steps to compile,assemble and submit the information. No problem. Now I get a letter from HR in N Carolina that I have to submit my DD-214, becayse they don;t have it in there records. They did not offer to re-imburse me for replicating the documentation they have lost. Fortunately I kept the original paperwork showing that I have purchased my military time. Why do all the PO improvements increase my workload, and tell me it is my responsibility. Have they no responsibility to maintain accurate and complete records? When they lose them I am responsible. Unf#$*ing believable.

  7. I sympathize with this lady! I wanted to buy back some early years of service and applied a year ago. I started making phone calls to Shared Services,OPM,and Payroll.I also have been getting the run-around and neither of the USPS departments can locate my paper-work. Whomever lost the paper-work or failed to process it should be fired.DUMB—–!

  8. contact greensboro human resources shared service center an HR Specialist will have to re-create the record by contacting minneapolis. however, most likely will not be able to product records on special achievement awards or cert. of appreciation or letters or accommodations. if employee has copy of any of the awards he/she has receive can send copy to hrss to be included in the eopf.

  9. eOPF only works for certain older versions of Windows with compromised security settings anyway. If you have a Mac, linux, later versions of Windows, or keep your system secure (or even if you don’t own a computer for that matter) eOPF is not accessible.

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