Postage Rates May Be Going Up In January 2011

 Dead Tree Edition – Postage rates are likely to increase about 1.7% in January as a result of a letter that the Postal Regulatory Commission’s chief lawyer issued today. Postmaster General Jack Potter promised not to increase postage rates during 2010, but postal officials seem eager to bump up rates once the calendar changes over to 2011. The Postal Service only has to give 45 days’ notice before announcing price increases that comply with the rate cap. So it seems likely that USPS will announce increases by mid-November, and perhaps as early as Friday, that take effect in early January.

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One thought on “Postage Rates May Be Going Up In January 2011

  1. PMG Potter, why is it that you don’t care about anybody but yourself? and your wallet. You and Headquarters wasted $800 million and you want the Customers to keep paying? Just what kind of fools do you think they/we are? I’m not sure why you still have a JOB, but you should have been FIRED a long time ago. Ruth Y Goldway, you are the only one with any brains, who sees PMG Potter for what he really is ( A PHONEY, LIER ) PRC, don’t raise the price, to clean up after them, the USPS can’t afford to lose any BUSINESS.. Why is it that you and those in Washington can’t see that Potter is DESTROYING and trying to PRIVATIZE the USPS from the INSIDE OUT!!! WAKE UP, BEFORE IT”S TOO LATE……..

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