Michigan Letter Carriers Protest Pressure To Work Faster

About 370 postal workers petition [Senator Carl] Levin about ‘hostile work environment.

Postal employees say the pressure to deliver mail and return to the office by 5 p.m. is mounting and the “unwritten rule” is creating a hostile work environment.

About 370 letter carriers in seven cities signed petitions asking U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Detroit, to investigate local and regional demands to finish routes earlier or face discipline.

“Many employees are slowly witnessing a resurgence of the conditions of 1991 with the pressure being put on the employees,” says the petition signed by workers in Royal Oak, Troy, Madison Heights, Birmingham, Southfield, Farmington and Novi.

In November 1991, a fired letter carrier from Oak Park went on a shooting rampage at the Royal Oak Post Office, killing four employees and wounding four others before turning the rifle on himself. A Congressional investigation led by Levin documented patterns of harassment and intimidation by management in Royal Oak.

Work conditions improved in the wake of the shooting with better screening of job applicants, procedures to report and investigate threats, and faster resolution of arbitration hearings.

However, new issues have surfaced, according to union stewards David DeGroat, a Farmington Hills letter carrier, and Charlie Withers, a Berkley letter carrier.

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One thought on “Michigan Letter Carriers Protest Pressure To Work Faster

  1. The enviroment of the poom and his managers in the colorado/wyoming region is that of bullying ,intimidation, harrassament, This has been the case for approx. two years as our station manager has been put out of work by her superiors. In the process we have played ring around the rosy with manager after manager, postmaster after postmaster supervisor after supervisor. All in the name of making the numbers. The red flags are up with the hostile enviroment created by the upper mananement of the service who have never performed craft duties.
    There mandates to the craft for production is abslolutely ridicoulous. The current two piece 144 case in our office in not adeequate to perform office duty. This means nothing to upper management as all the excess equipment has since been salvaged never to return to the workroom floor, The bullies in management are being identified daily by our stewards. When will the postal service wake up?

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