Congress Approves New Postage Stamp To Benefit Species Conservation Efforts

The U.S. Congress has approved legislation creating a new postage stamp to benefit species conservation efforts. The bipartisan legislation was signed into law last week by President Obama.

Under the new law, USPS will offer a First-Class Mail stamp priced above the normal rate. The difference between the normal First-Class Mail rate and the rate charged for the semipostal stamp will go to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Multinational Species Conservation Fund.

This fund administers grants to help combat poaching, protect habitat, control diseases and support public education efforts. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a non-governmental organization, the Multinational Species Conservation Fund has been successful in helping improve the status of wildlife, including, among other animals, great apes in central Africa, rhinos in southern Africa and Nepal, tigers in Russia and marine turtles in South Carolina.

The Postal Service will begin selling the new stamp within 12 months.

source: USPS

One thought on “Congress Approves New Postage Stamp To Benefit Species Conservation Efforts

  1. The increase in the price of the stamp will aid multi-national wildlife? The USPS has officially expanded into animal diversity.
    However, these stamps will be sold in lieu of, not in addition to other 1st class stamps. So, our domestic “Excessive Perkosaurus” will remain on the endangered list.

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