New Letter Carrier Shirts Available October 15

By Michele Ward, the Uniform Girl

(Michele Ward is the General Manager of Postal Uniform Discounters, one of the larger online postal uniform companies. She has been in the postal uniform business for eleven years.)

The USPS has authorized for release by the uniform vendors on October 15th a brand new design of the short sleeve, long sleeve, and jac shirts (the polo shirt will stay the same). The new shirts are a solid light blue and will include the same emblem. There will be no more stripes. The cut of the shirts will stay the same. The fabric remains a 65% polyester / 35% cotton, but will now be a poplin weave as opposed to the current shirts which are a broadcloth. Poplin weaves are a little smoother in appearance and to the touch. The shirts are still machine washable but now have the addition of soil release which provides increased protection and ease of care against stains and soiling.

The reason for the changed shirt is that the last remaining mill that made the fabric for the current shirts has shut down, and there is no U.S. made substitute available. Instead of having the fabric come from offshore, the USPS (along with the unions and those of us involved on the manufacturing and retail end) has decided to switch to a fabric that is “US made” available.

The USPS has indicated that they will allow the current shirt with the red stripes to be worn “in perpetuity”, so don’t throw them out! You can still wear them as long as you have them. Personally, I like the current shirt but the new ones do look clean, crisp, and professional!

We are now accepting orders at Postal Uniform Discounters ( for the new shirts, although we cannot ship them until October 15th as per the USPS. So be among the first in line, and the first to wear the first new button down shirt for letter carriers since 1991!

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Michele Ward
The Uniform Girl

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  1. its great that they changed the postal shirts, i wish they would change the pants for the mvs drivers we have a dirty job and the pants show every bit of dirt i think they should go to a dark blue for us.

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