Armored Car Service Hauls $260,000 Around In USPS Plastic Tubs

It appears that the popular USPS plastic mail tubs is used for other reasons. Recently two men pleaded guilty to bank larceny charges and sentenced to over two years in prison. The two men robbed an armored car carrying $260,000 in cash and stamps. According to Quad-City Times (Iowa):

“The armored car owned by Rochester Armored Car Service of Omaha arrived at the US Bank, 3624 N. Division St., about 6 a.m. March 19. The armored car employees were there to put money into the bank’s ATM, records state.

USPS Plastic Mail Tub

The many uses of USPS plastic mail tubs

Within 30 seconds of the employees leaving the vehicle, two people in dark clothing approached the armored car. One got into the car, then left it. Both people then left the parking lot on foot one minute later, records state.

After leaving the bank, the armored car employees discovered they were missing a U.S. Postal Service mail tote with approximately $260,000 cash and $1,188 in postage stamps.”

I guess the Armored Car Service didn’t get the memo that USPS wants its tubs back.

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  1. How did they just “get into the Armored Car”. Was it unlocked and left unattended??? Something smells fishy here.

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