IRS to stop mailing income tax forms

The Internal Revenue Service plans to stop mailing instructions and paper forms for annual income tax returns, saving the agency about $10 million a year as more Americans are filing online.

About 11.5 million people who filed paper tax returns in 2009 received the tax information in the mail, IRS said. The agency normally sends the information at the beginning of the calendar year. The mailing includes the Form 1040 and instructions that totaled 44 pages last year.

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2 thoughts on “IRS to stop mailing income tax forms

  1. The USPS is committed to deliver once a day six days a week anyway. The printing of tax forms is not paid by USPS and the cost of employees salaries and vehicle cost will happen anyway. So how do they figure it will save $10 million. The inconvenience and personal cost to the taxpayer to search for forms and changes in the law on their own will far exceed the “proposed saving”.

  2. SOoo, does this mean that the people in the hills and the canyons and the slums and projects and the old folks’ homes etc. don’t have to file?

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