Post office accused of making special deal for political fliers

DAMASCUS, Ore. – Some voters in Damascus are crying foul over the race for mayor, saying someone is stuffing mailboxes and not paying for stamps.

The voters say the postmaster knew about the mailings and called it a special arrangement.

But according to a U.S. Postal Service representative, no special arrangement was made.

A lot of it may come down to a case of he said, she said.  KATU-TV News reports


One thought on “Post office accused of making special deal for political fliers

  1. alot of people don’t know about the rule that any mailbox at your home is considered post office property (so buy the best) it can not be used for any mail that is not postage paid like brocheres. that is illegal. it’s an old law not new and obviously alot of people know about it. it prevents random people stuffing your box full of papers, business cards, literature and sale ads. most people know that is why they stick it on your front door. if the post office gets privatized this will be worse than junk mail and you will take your mail box down. political literature would be horrendous without this law it takes volunteers nothing to canvas a neighborhood. free postage and free enterprise and they’ll use your garbage can if you leave it out too long.

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