Former Missouri Postmaster Pleads Guilty To Theft

A Columbia postmaster arrested in March on suspicion of attempting to steal clothing and sunglasses from a Columbia department store pleaded guilty Tuesday.

Joyce M. Herron, 55, of Mexico, Mo., entered a plea of guilty to misdemeanor stealing in city court. She was sentenced to two days in the Boone County Jail and was permitted a suspended imposition of sentence by Judge Robert Aulgur. To avoid the jail time, Herron must not be arrested for stealing for the next 18 months, pay all court costs and complete a stealing offenders program and 25 hours of community service. Also, she will not be allowed back in the Macy’s store where she was caught shoplifting.

Her annual salary was $90,064

full story: Columbia Tribune

2 thoughts on “Former Missouri Postmaster Pleads Guilty To Theft

  1. Shut the hell up, you’re not even on the right page, I sure hope this isn’t how you do your work!! putting things in the wrong place, where someone else has to come behind you and clean up after you!!! EVERYDAY!! SMARTA$$ The USPS pays you, and you don’t seem to know what you’re doing!!! I’ll bet you’re one of those who worry about what everyone is doing, but you do NOTHING!!! MIND YOUR BUSNIESS!! and do some work, so you can earn your paycheck and benefits!!! for once!!!!

  2. Think! If you owned your own business (paying the bills out of your pocket, not corporate money) would you hire the same USPS custodians at the salary & benefits the USPS pays them?

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